Mini Fruit Pizzas!

5:35:00 PM

In 2012 I went on a cruise, which is where my obsessiveness about Europe comes from, but on this cruise they had amazing little fruit tartlets and recently I had decided I needed to bring these back into my life!


So with some brainstorming from my mom, the easiest way to make this was to make a mini fruit pizza. They taste amazing and I thought I would share them!

First, I used a tube of sugar cookie dough so I could cut them into pieces that wouldn't go as big. One tube made the perfect amount. Place the slices on a tray,(I used parchment paper on top so I wouldn't have to clean it off). Bake the cookies for about 10-12 minutes at 350 degrees (or whatever it says on the back of the container) , I would suggest to keep checking the oven as I had sliced a few thin ones and didn't want them to get burnt so just look for the golden-brown color. The second thing, is to chop up a few slices of fruit. You can use any kind of fruit you like for mine I decided to use bananas, strawberries and blueberries. I used a full banana and it was perfect for the amount of cookies that were made( I think a little bit less than 20 maybe 18/19?)
 Then I put that aside. 
The frosting bit is made of crème cheese and yogurt, we used two cups of vanilla yogurt.We also used an 8oz block of crème cheese. Again, like the fruit,  you can switch up the flavor of yogurt depending on your own taste!. This made more than enough so maybe use a little less crème cheese!Wait for the cookies to cool off a bit before putting on the frosting!!

 You can add however much fruit you want and decorate to your own liking! I even did one with a smiley face ;)

It's really easy to make and doesn't take that much time at all! It's great as a little appetizer or a somewhat healthy snack! The best part is, you can change it up and make it your own! Go ahead and try it!
  Have fun! :)


Hello Hi

5:13:00 PM

Hi! Welcome to my blog!

I've wanted to start my own blog for a really long time and now that I have some time I thought why not today? I've also been reading blogs like Niomi Smart and Zoella and Tanya Burr for a really long time and decided to finally sit and start this up!
First off, I'm Kenzie, I'm 19 and I live in Wisconsin. I take an obnoxious amount of pictures of my dog which you'll probably see a lot. My plan for this blog is to show off the amazing places I get to travel and about things I see and love!

I hope you enjoy taking time to read this! I'm really excited! :)