Healthy(ish) Deviled Eggs

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  After coming home on Spring Break and jumping right into work, I had a day off. Of course, since I can't seem to sit still and stare at the same thing for hours upon hours, I decided to bake. I also haven't baked anything since leaving for my university and therefore I was really excited to start trying new recipes. 

 Deviled Eggs are usually something that is brought to parties, they're quite simple to make and even more fun to eat! I always love going to a get together and having these set up on the snack table. I have never made a deviled egg before and I was excited to try it out! I mean how difficult could it be? I'm also trying to eat healthier and if I can find a way to make it healthy 


The deviled eggs I made required:

6 Eggs
Greek Yogurt
Dijon Mustard

  1. The first step is to hard boil your eggs. I have an  egg boiler, though mine looks a bit different, if you're wondering what one looks like I've posted the link to one here!
  2. After waiting for the eggs to boil, let them cool. I didn't have the patience and therefore a few of the egg whites broke! Oops. 
  3.  After cooling, cut the egg lengthwise. 
  4.  Your next step is to then carefully spoon out the yolks and add them to the medium bowl, place the egg whites on a plate. 

Now add in these few ingredients to the bowl you've put the yolks into:
      1/4 cup Greek Yogurt
      2 teaspoons dijon mustard
      1/4 teaspoon pepper
     1/8 teaspoon salt
Mash these together, until it looks a little creamy. You can also use a blender if you'd like the mixture to be more creamier than it appears. 

 After mixing and mashing, you can either spoon small portions into the egg whites, or just use your hands and fill them as much or as little as you would like! 
After filling the eggs, sprinkle a bit of paprika on top! This will make them look nice and pretty! 
  I was very pleased with how these turned out! They taste delicious and actually make for a good snack! They're easy to make and I hope you give them a go! 

I know I haven't written a recipe post in awhile, but I hope you all enjoyed this! Thanks for reading! Have you tried any new recipes recently?? Are there any new recipes that you want to try, or wish you could try? 
             I love reading your comments! See you next time! 



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It's safe to say that the last two weeks have been quite stressful. Exams, projects, papers...all due within a short period of time. The things that had piled up on my desk were slowly defeated and conquered one by one. With a small amount of hope that there would be a break longer than two days soon. 
Luckily, there is. It's Spring Break this week, and that means it's time to spend an entire 8 days back in my home town, where my friends know me well and the coziest blankets await. 
Though, like last year, I may not be spending my downtime like many other college students across the states (I do wish I was visiting a nice sandy beach though), I will be working a bit, visiting my good friends and watching the last episode of Glee ever. It will also be spent catching up on blogs and hopefully reading a few new ones as well (leave your favorite blogs/bloggers down in the comments!!)
I did have a massive splurge in LUSH and found a Topshop section in Nordstrom at Mall of America when I visited the weekend before this. Those posts will come soon! So keep your eyes peeled! 
I'm happy to unwind, relax and see what this week is going to bring. Hopefully some new recipes to try out! I'll show you all those as well!
The best thing that Spring Break brings along after it's over is that small glimmer of hope that Summer Break is coming soon after. 

Anyhow, I hope you all are enjoying your weeks! Have you got any holidays planned? Yours are probably different than mine and I would love to hear all about them! Make sure you leave a comment! 


Finding Adventure

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There is no better feeling than the first day of spring time warmth in Wisconsin. There is also no better feeling than not having a plan and just driving around with a nice camera in the passenger seat. 

The other weekend, I made the decision to bring my car from home to my University. Yes, being in the dorms is fun, but there are only so many places you can go, and frankly I'm one of those people who just can't sit still and when I'm some place new I really want to explore it. After spending a few hours on Google Maps, I scoped out a few spots that I knew I wanted to hit. After buying a snack from the shop, I set out to find the perfect picture spots. 
First, I came to this lovely bridge. The walk across it was quite windy but the sun was out, so who am I to complain? It also made for some lovely snaps anyway.

As I drove away from the bridge, being downtown a bit, I spotted a beautiful church upon a hill. Finding a way to get there was quite the adventure, as I have no idea which turns lead where in this town yet! I eventually managed to find it and get a nice snap! Perhaps I'll bring someone along next time to help me capture a few more. 

This is the point in the adventure where I turned off my phone's navigating system for a bit and let the roads take me. With this, I managed to find an ice cream shop and a couple of old buildings. I decided to park and see where I could go next before I got too far away. I found a lovely little park, which was very nice to walk around in...have I mentioned how nice the sun felt? 

Afterwards, my little red car brought me to one of the popular look out places. I had heard it held beautiful views of the city. Every single description of that place was correct. Though it is still winter, the snow is still very much present, the view was still stunning. And I mentally marked this place as one to come back to when the leaves are on the trees and in Autumn when the leaves are changing. I sat there for a while, letting the wind whip my hair around, and just not caring too deeply about anything. It felt great. 

I ended the day at a coffee shop, bought an ice tea and sat there for awhile. 
Though I didn't hit all of the scenic spots in town that day, I do have my car with me until the rest of the semester, so I will be able to find a few more, maybe return again, and don't worry, I will share them all with you!

It felt great to get out and finally do a bit of exploring! Have you ever explored your town or the next town over just to see it? You could find something totally new if you did! 
I hope you all are having a great weekend and if the weather has been cold, I hope it warms up quickly for you! 
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5 things

Dear Me Campaign

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If you haven't been on YouTube lately, then you may not have heard of a new campaign they have decided to do, as International Women's Day is March the 8th, called Dear Me. Dear Me poses the question "If you could go back in time, what would you share with your teenaged self?" It's aim? To inspire and empower girls everywhere to be confidence and pursue their dreams. The "letter" is meant to take form in a video and be shared across social networks. Grace Helbeig, Hannah Hart and Michelle Phan are just a few YouTubers who have already been participating in this campaign.

I personally felt that writing a letter to your younger self might say different things depending on where you've gotten so far in your life. I think right now, my top five things I would tell my teenage self would be;

1. It's okay not to have a lot of friends. Your best friend right now, isn't even your best friend today, believe it or not. But don't worry, you will meet your real friends soon. And they won't leave.

2.You don't have to compete with friends for grades. You just do you. 

3. You will never be "too old" for a dance party in the parking lot at school. No matter what that other girl thinks. She clearly doesn't know how to have fun. 

4.Nobody has their life figured out, and if they say they do..they're lying. So it's okay not to know what you want to do for the rest of forever. 

5. Stop and relax. Just take each moment in. Whether it's something crazy, or something small. Just cherish it really.

I know I know, it's meant to be a video...but I just woke up from a nap...and I just didn't feel like trying to figure out how to do a video. So if you could just deal with it that would be great. I do also think there should be a "dear future me" part to this whole thing. And Maybe I will write one up sometime! 

What about you? What would you say to your much younger, teenage self, or even if you are a teenager, what would you say to your younger self in general? 

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