Christmas Wishlist 2017

11:30:00 AM

It's the best time of the year, and that means it's also time for the annual Christmas Wishlist! Last year, I wrote this post. I did eventually get Elephant pants, but from Camden Market when I was in London and I am obsessed with them. 

Like every year, it's hard to make a wishlist. Because I honestly don't even know what I want! Return tickets to London? A french bulldog puppy? 

Anyway, here is a little list of what I found and put on my wishlist this year! 

1. French Bulldog Mug
How cute How cute How cuuuute
French Bulldog Cup

2. Birkenstocks
I bought my first pair in Covent Garden and I am obsessed. 

3. Love Your Melon Beanie
These hats are the warmest and I love mine so much. I mean, who says you can have too many hats?


4. Food
It's not Christmas if I don't have food on my wishlist! This past year I went to Europe and discovered Paprika Pringles. So if someone wanted to ship them to me, I would be so grateful. 
Europe Snacks

5. Velvet Rompers
I bought one velvet top this year and a dress and I am officially obsessed. I'm still looking for a romper in velvet so if you know where I can get one leave a link down in the comments!
6. French Bulldog Socks
I get socks for Christmas every year and I actually love it. I am looking for French bulldog ones so I can wear them with my birks. ( I know I know) 

7. Giftcards. 
I know giving giftcards isn't the most fun thing in the world. But personally, I love getting them. I can go to the store and buy whatever I want and it's the best! 

I never feel like my Christmas list is super long, but I hope you enjoyed some of these! Do you have similar items on your list? Let me know below! 
Do you like giving or receiving better? Personally I love giving and I kind of go overboard!


Blogmas #1: Thankful list

12:20:00 PM

It has been awhile since I have posted anything on this site, but since it is December I decided what better way than to kick off Christmas this month than to participate in blogmas! I'm not saying I'll post everyday, but maybe 3-4 times a week! 

This year has been one wild year for me. I started to write about traveling over on wordpress but I am currently still unsure about whether I like it or not. 
I have a lot to be grateful for though, and I whipped up a lovely list for you all! 

1. Travel
If you saw on my instagram I was lucky enough to travel to 9 different countries in Europe from January until April. I can't even tell you enough how amazing studying abroad is. 

2. Best Friends
It took a lot of time to figure out the people who really are my best friends and honestly, I flew 5000 miles, spent time in a different country and finally found them.
Best Friends

3. Work
I started a new job this year and I work with the cutest kids. I talk about them on twitter all of the time. I could be having the worst day but I know I get to hang out with 5-10 year olds and they are all so great. Wow I love them so much my whole soul could burst. 
feels gif

4. Family
They came to visit me in Europe, and that's pretty darn cool to me. 

5. New Friends

I hope you all are having a great start to the holiday season! What kind of Christmas blog posts would you like to see from me? Let me know in the comments. Also, do you prefer Wordpress or Blogger? Or neither?