I fell from the SKY?!

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The Olympics just ended, and I could not help but wonder how someone could ever get their body to willingly fling themselves around on the balance beams and the high bars, but then again here I am about to tell you that I flung myself out of an airplane. 

Skydive Twin Cities

You read that right. 
I wanted to do it for my 21st birthday and we scheduled it for August so that it would also be my cousin's surprise birthday gift. The day started with having my cousin open  some gifts, and a special golden box that revealed that he was going skydiving! We loaded our cars and drove about an hour to where we would be checking off our bucket lists! 


A lot of people asked me if I was nervous to skydive, but honestly I wasn't, people do it all the time, and I wasn't going alone. Learning about the risks, didn't even scare me. I was overpowered by excitement. Before it was our turn to dive, an  89 year old man with cancer jumped with his family and honestly if he could do it, I could. 

Kenzie Kuivanen

Once up in the plane, we got strapped onto our tandem jumpers and scooted out of the plane. It was surreal watching a plane full of people slowly empty as they each dropped off. I was the last one off and I thought "well if everyone else is off, I better join them" I closed my eyes and we jumped. Cold air hit my face as we fell for 60 seconds from 13,000 feet. Once the parachute opened, I opened my eyes, popped my ears and enjoyed the ride. I literally felt like a bird, or a leaf, slowly floating back down to earth. It's not as noisy in the sky and it was really peaceful. 




I was really really proud of myself that I did it, I jumped out of a plane at 13,000 feet above the ground. I even got to steer the parachute a little, everyone cheered when I landed and it felt so good to say I conquered skydiving. 



We laughed at my video, and my cousins video. A lot of my other family members said they would want to do it next year. I can't blame them. I found out a few days later, that one of my old math teachers died, and that made me even more happier that I did something like this for some of my last days of being 21 years old. Because life is really short. Why not jump out of planes? 


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Also I did my dive at Skydive Twin Cities and it was amazing (so major shoutout to the staff & my tandem partner Kerry!) If you're ever in Minnesota/Wisconsin, definitely go visit them! It's also so much fun to watch other people dive as well! 


Secret Gardens

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There is literally adventure around every corner in Charleston, South Carolina. Five years ago, my family took a trip to visit the city and were there for about three days. We were lucky enough to have a guide that took us exploring the pedestrian alley ways that Charleston has to offer. There are so many beautiful things to see! This post is a bit more photo filled, but I hope you enjoy it! 












There are a ton of beautiful homes, secret alleys and gorgeous gardens hidden away amongst the streets of Charleston. If you're ever in the city, I would highly recommend making a stop and trying to find a few alley ways! 
In all honesty, being stuck in Charleston may have made the trip longer, but being able to see everything again with more time, was definitely a nice adventure. 
Can you imagine what this city was like way back when it began? 


Hyman's Seafood

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After a long morning of wandering around the streets of historic downtown Charleston in the humidity and sun, there is nothing better than escaping to a cool brick building off of Meeting Street for our last seafood meal of the trip. 


Charleston is home to so many great places to eat. Having a delay of trip meant we were able to visit a recommended restaurant we would have otherwise missed. If you're lucky you can try out some hush puppies that the servers give out on the nearby corner, handing you a coupon for a free appetizer. When you enter the building, there are little plaques at every table that tell which celebrities have eaten at that spot. From Raven Symone, Lance Armstrong, The Beach Boys, Sandra Bullock, and so many more. 

For our free appetizer, we ordered their specialty, Carolina Delight. This was my second time eating grits, and they were so yummy! The Carolina Delight is a lightly fried grit cake topped with your choice of seafood (we got shrimp). 
Hymans Seafood
Carolina Delight
The menu has a wide range of fresh seafood, and traditional foods from the south! 
My step-dad got the buffalo and regular shrimp with mac and cheese and hush-puppies!
 Not wanting to stuff ourselves, and knowing the dishes were large, my mom and I decided to split shrimp and grits (with cheese). Our sides were fries, okra and bread. Definitely a good dish to split, and I was so glad we did! 

Hymans Seafood
Shrimp and Grits
 If you're not in the mood for seafood like my sister, you can always just get some chicken strips and fries! 
We had a great time eating at Hyman's, our table was the only one filled in our little section so we had the room to ourselves. They also encourage you to visit their giftshop after you eat, where we bought some really yummy smelling scrubs before going back out into the heat. Later on, I opted for some Lemon Ice from one of the carts off the road while wandering around in the heat!

Charleston was recently just ranked the #1 city in the world by travel and leisure, and Hyman's was definitely in my top 3 best places to eat while I was there! I hope you enjoyed this post, what is your favorite seafood dish? 
I hope you're all enjoying your week/summer! 

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Peach "Nice"cream

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You may have seen this blog post a few months ago, and luckily I've made so many more since then! My favorite flavor of this dairy free-ice cream at the moment, is peach!


Nice-cream is probably one of the easiest things you can make, and this summer I've been obsessed with peaches. All you need are 3 ingredients to make this delicious treat! 
1.Frozen Peaches
2. Nut milk (I used unsweetened vanilla almond milk!) 
3. Frozen bananas

You're mostly using frozen peaches for this, but I liked the flavor combination! 

Vegan Nicecream

Staying cool this summer keeps on getting easier with all of the fresh fruit that's available to freeze! Just fill your blender with about 1 and a half cups of milk and 1 cut up frozen banana and 2 cut up frozen peaches! 
What are your favorite summertime treats? 
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Night Market

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Charleston is a city that is filled with so much history. Everything changes when the sun goes down. The streets look different, and the colors of the houses go away, but it's still magical. Walking around Charleston at night on the cobblestone roads is really fun. 
While my family spent time in the city (the first night we were there), we were lucky enough to experience the night market. 

South Carolina


The market in Charleston was built between 1804 and the 1830s. It was rebuilt once after a fire, but is still the oldest market in the United States. 
Charleston is filled with such deep and long history, I've loved it every time that I've been able to be walk the streets there. There was also live music between buildings! 

Night life


Do you ever imagine being in a city way back when everything was settling into place? Charleston is so beautiful and I hope that you all get to see it someday! The food is amazing, the people are great and the weather has never disappointed us yet! 

Do you like visiting historical places? Have you been liking my travel posts? What is your favorite thing at the market if you've been to one! 
Make sure to comment below, I love hearing from you! 
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Jestine's: Charleston

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5 years ago, in the month of June, my family and I did a different road trip where we spent the last few days in Charleston and then Nashville. When we had the opportunity to spend (what we thought) would be just one night back in Charleston, we wanted to eat at a local favorite. 

Charleston SC

Our shuttle driver, JP, suggested Jestine's, which is near the historic district and as we drove past the restaurant, four out of five of us immediately recognized the place. Jestine's was our favorite spot to eat when we were there five years ago and we were eating there again. 
Sweet Ice Tea

Walking into Jestine's I immediately knew where we had sat 5 years ago, which means not much as changed. Which is really great. There weren't any lines and we got in right away. At a popular place like Jestine's lines are pretty common and last time we had to wait about an hour before getting a table for four. This time we had my step sister along, and our party of five was seated right away. 

The four of us that had been there before, reminisced about the cornbread and fried chicken (their specialty). We ordered cornbread for an appetizer, and put in our orders of food. 
Bad Girls Poster

Jestine's had cute little photos up, as well as magazine clippings that told about Jestine's life, a feature in Oprah's magazine and a ton of other bits. The staff were super kind too. 
Our entire table ordered something different, I did just a plate of shrimp with okra (I have never eaten so much okra in my life!). 
Table for five


Honestly, Jestine's is definitely one of my top 3 places I ate on this trip! They have a wide variety of food that locals love, a great atmosphere and I loved it. 
I still can't get over the fact that we couldn't remember the name of the place we had been to five years ago that we loved so much, and wound up back at it again! 

Jestine's is located at 251 Meeting St, Charleston, SC

I hope you enjoyed this post, I miss all that shrimp down there! Do you have a favorite place you always go on vacation/holiday to eat? If you could eat at one place for the rest of your life for free where would it be? 
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5 benefits of an online class

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It's summer. Do we really need to talk about school? For me, I really had a great trip (more posts are still coming) in the beginning of June. Immediately after I had gotten home, I was diving head first into an online math class. 
Gross, I know. 

Honestly, math has never been my best subject, or even my "i'm just okay at this" subject. I mean I can do the basics, but just don't throw the quadratic formula my way. I also have really bad test anxiety when it comes to math. Which is why, for the last two summers, I have opted to take my math credits online. 
Here are some of the benefits that I found, while taking an online class:

1. You can do homework at any time of the day. 


2. Usually nothing is due until midnight, which gives you plenty of time

3. You can work ahead and get things done to make room for fun activities.


4. There isn't a lot of peer pressure. 

5. The teachers are really nice and quick to answer emails you might have. 

Taking classes like this is also nice because you can focus solely on one subject. 
What subject was your favorite in school? What one was your worst? 
My favorite is definitely English, and my worst was obviously math! 
I hope you're having a great summer! Make sure to leave a comment below, I love reading all of them! 
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