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I hope you follow me over on there! Let me know any tips or tricks you have for wordpress if you use it! I'd love to know! 


Bibia Be Ye Ye

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 "Everything will be alright." That's the meaning of one of the songs from Ed Sheeran's new album,  Bibia Be Ye Yeand one of my favorites. 

Last month, I took a quick trip to Venice Italy. Getting there was not an easy task. Before leaving to study abroad I had a list of places that I really wanted to go. Venice was in the top 3. My program does a big end of the year trip for Italy so finding people to just go to Venice with me wasn't working out, and my plan B was to find a spot at the hostel my friends were staying at, which at first was full. But a few weeks later, a room was available and I took it. Without hesitation. I had given myself two extra days with my best friends. 


I flew from London to Venice, and then took a cab to the city. If you've ever been before, you know about the glass bridge. After carrying my luggage up and down stairs at least four times, I was finally in my room. 

Venice Gelato

I had been craving some Coconut gelato before coming to Italy and was thrilled when I found some! After my friends woke up, we went exploring the canals. Venice stole our hearts with all the small winding streets and beautiful canals! 

Venice Italy



Venice Italy


Venice Italy


Italy Sunset

My favorite part of the first day in Venice, was walking over the Glass Bridge and seeing the gorgeous sunset. I still can't get over that I had left England to go to Venice and was seeing this city with my two best friends. 

Glass Bridge

I would definitely recommend downloading a map app for Venice. There are so many different walkways and bridges that it is so easy to get lost. But like they say, Venice is probably the one city you want to be lost in. New views are on every canal. Also the pizza's pretty great. 


Venice is getting two posts, so make sure you stick around for part 2! I hope you enjoyed this post! If you've ever been to Venice let me know what you loved about it the most! 


Greek adventures

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Everyone has a place that they love. Oia, or Ia Santorini, is probably my favorite place in the whole entire world. I was there 5 years ago on a trip with my family, and only a few weeks ago I was there with my two best friends.

We really lucked out with our airbnb host who helped us rent a car for the day to drive from Perissa to the cities of Fira and Oia. It was a pretty easy drive, stopping at the Red Sand Beach and some lookout points that made me even more excited to just get to Oia. 

Fira was the same as I had remembered it, a ton of shopping and restaurants and hills. If you've never been, there are a lot of steps in the little town, but souvenirs here are a bit cheaper! It's so weird visiting a place you were at 5 years prior.
I remember Oia. I remembered that I loved it so much. I loved it even more the second time. Some of the souvenir shops even looked familiar to me while we went through them. Oia is such a picturesque town, every step is seriously breathtaking!
When I first visited, my favorite thing that I got to do was the Kissing Fish! Luckily, my friend Catie agreed to do it with me, so we washed our feet and stuck them in a tank full of fish. They're teethless, and make your skin so smooth!

We could not stop laughing, Catie didn't love it in the end, but I'm glad she was brave enough to try it with me! Throughout Oia we also couldn't help being wowed each step by the breathtaking views! 

If you're also in Oia stay for the sunset. It's gorgeous and probably the best one you might see your entire life. I still can't believe that I have been lucky enough to go to this city twice in my lifetime, and I hope that it's not my last time. It's crazy, writing about and seeing these photos more than a month later, because it really doesn't feel real! 

Study Abroad

What Studying Abroad Taught me

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So I've officially been back in the states now for  11 days. I miss the rolling green hills of England, all of my friends that are now home too, and I definitely miss being able to get on a train and head to cities like London, Edinburgh and Liverpool. Study Abroad was one of the best things to ever happen to me. So I made a list of 10 things that it has taught me. 

Study Abroad

1. Attitude is everything. If you don't make an effort to have fun, meet new people and explore new things then maybe it's not for you. There were definitely days where I knew I was being a brat because I couldn't make going to a certain place fit in my calendar. I had to give myself a little you're in Europe and you're letting this one thing/person get to you. Talk.


2. It's not where you go, it's who you travel with. One of the friends I made on this trip told me this near the beginning of the semester. And he was 110% right. I found this out the hard way when I went to Ireland and my friends didn't go, yes I had fun, but I knew the sadness in my heart was because I wanted them to be there with me experiencing the whole thing. 


3. Public Transportation isn't scary. Getting on the bus, and the train then the tube and going through an airport by myself was a daunting thought before I left. But I did it. I probably won't ride public buses at home because I have a car, but it's not as scary to think about anymore. 


4. You'll be more independent. Because now you can ride the tube from Kings Cross to Picadilly Circus by yourself. You can take a flight to Barcelona and back to London, and also from Venice to Prague by yourself. It's nerve wracking but also thrilling when it's over. 


5. You'll miss weird things. I didn't miss my house when I was abroad, but I definitely missed things like cheesecurds and Culvers icecream when I was in England. 


6. You'll miss things about the country you lived in. I've been gone for a little more than a week and I literally miss everything about England so much. 


7.  You learn about yourself. and about what kind of people you want to hang out with


8. Time management is different when you're never at school on the weekends. I never stayed up working on homework past 1am on purpose before studying abroad

Study Abroad

9.  Getting lost isn't a bad thing. Yea knowing where you're going is really helpful, but taking a wrong turn down a street can lead to some pretty cool stuff.

Study Abroad

10. You meet amazing people. I haven't seen them in a few weeks and it actually hurts my heart, because we spent everyday together.

If you're thinking about studying abroad, GO FOR IT. do it. It's the best thing that will ever happen to you. And you will honestly have the best time. 


Barcelona rain or shine

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It rained in Barcelona when I was there two months ago and it was a bit windy. By a bit, I mean my sunglasses would not stay on my face. One of my favorite memories of Barcelona is getting a breakfast at a little cafe (a croissant). On our beach day though, I convinced my dad and my sister to eat a healthy breakfast. 

At a spot called Brunch and Cake. My cousin went there with her friends and I really wanted to try it out! It was so yummy! You can check out their menu right here. I had the blueberry yogurt granola bowl.

We visited Park Guell, where there is a gorgeous view overlooking the city, and let me tell you, even in the rain, Barcelona was still beautiful!

We kept to our hop on hop off bus pretty much all day that day, stopping at a few more shops along the way. The sun did come out to play on Saturday, the last full day that we were visiting, allowing us to warm up by the beach. It was a bit weird to wear my jacket to the beach, but there was nothing keeping me from the sea. 

Vendors sell these tapestries all over the beach, and while they might be a little annoying you can definitely bargain a good price for them! I am in love with mine! The beach was so lovely, the only bad thing was the vendors trying to sell you mojitos, tapestries, henna tattoos and massages. every five minutes. We eventually moved away from the busy part of the beach where there weren't any. 

Before heading back to the hotel, we also stopped at La Pampa Steakhouse along one of the streets near the beach. The waiter was really nice and the food was amazing. It's making me hungry just thinking about it! 

While my time in Barcelona was amazing, I really hope that someday I get the chance to come back again, maybe in the summertime when It's a bit warmer. 

Have you ever been to Barcelona? What is your favorite thing to do there? 

Study Abroad

To the friends I met across the pond

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This post is going up the day before we leave, and honestly it doesn't seem like it's ending.
We just met. You don't even know how many times I logged onto my laptop to just play around on google maps street view and get myself to the manor and around London. 

There have been so many times that I have felt truly grateful to have such great friends like you. 
People who care when I feel sad, and people who sometimes know me better than myself. People who make me laugh, and are there with open arms when one of us cries. We may have only met in January but it feels like I have known you my entire life. There's no one else I would run up and down 5 flights of stairs for late at night. 

I have never smiled so much or laughed so hard. There's no way words can even describe how much I love each of you. 

Travelling the world with you, has really been a pleasure, and something I will never, could never, forget. We conquered the tube the first weekend, navigated airports and train stations and countless cities. 

You mean the world to me. Leaving you really tears my heart in half. Even though, I know you're going to be so happy to be home again. 

And I hope
That whatever roads we take, that we get to run into one another again, and that we never lose touch. 
Because I've never had best friends before. 
And these last four months have taught me what it's like to finally have that. 
We have grown so much together. We're literally the same people. I'm so glad I didn't have to go through my entire life not knowing you.

I could never thank you each enough. I wrote all of you letters that you have to read on the plane ride home. I think a piece of my heart is going to be left behind in England, and left with all of you. They tell you making friends is the easy part, but they never tell you that it's also the best part. It's really about who you're with that makes the adventure that much better.

Thanks for an amazing ride. Smiles, laughs and cries and long, late night talks. 

I love you all so much. And this isn't goodbye. Because we'll always have each other, Even if we're more than a floor away from each other.

Until next time, 

see you soon, Kenzie