Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher

6:00:00 AM

The Cliffs of Moher, in Western Ireland are truly so breathtaking that they deserved their own post. It was one of those places that you just stand there in awe at how beautiful the earth really is. I felt myself saying "wow" every time I looked over the cliffs at the ocean. 

Western Ireland

We arrived at the Cliffs via Paddywagon bus tour, which I recommend, it's fairly cheap and the drivers are really nice and give you a lot of insight into the history about the area, as well as lives of the Irish people, which was really nice to hear. Driving through the Irish countryside, I was amazed at every turn. It is so beautiful.

I was lucky enough to have a "rare" sunny day on the Cliffs, and felt truly blessed as I walked around with my friend trying to soak in the beauty for the two hours that we were there. 

It's so hard for me to seriously tell you just how beautiful they are with just photos. You'll just have to find out for yourselves someday. The Cliffs are free to get into, and you can walk for as long as you feel like. It was a bit windy though, which I stayed away from the ledge, because it was a little freaky looking down hundreds of feet at the Atlantic Ocean. 

To find out more about the Paddy Wagon tour click HERE
To find out more about the Cliffs of Moher click HERE. 

Have you been to this part of Ireland before? Is it on your bucket list? Let me know in the comments how you've been liking these posts, what is your bucket list place to visit? 


Postcards from Scotland

7:27:00 AM

A few weeks ago my friends and I took a trip to the beautiful city of Edinburgh, while I could write you a long list of why I loved this trip and this city, I thought I would just post a few photos from it instead.

Climbing Arthur's seat at 7am with my four best friends was one of the best experiences and I really hope I can go back someday. It made me realize how lucky I am to be on this trip, with these people. Laughing and making memories everyday.

Harry Potter

We saw Diagon Alley, and Tom Riddles gravesite, places where J.K Rowling got some inspiration for the Harry potter books. 


Edinburgh is such a gorgeous city, with historic buildings, great food, and I'd go back a million times if I could. 
Have you ever been to Scotland? Which city is your favorite? I didn't get to go to the Highlands, but I would love to do that the next time I visit. 


24 hours in Dublin

7:34:00 AM

Ireland stole my heart, and while I visited both the North and the Cliffs of Moher in the west, I got to spend a full day in the city of Dublin. 


I spent the morning in Dublin on a walking tour, given by one of the professors at my university. We learned about the history of the city from the rebellion to the protests, as well as the Abbey Theatre, and how the south side of Dublin and the north side, are just now coming together but still remain very different places. 

Dublin Castle
Dublin Castle

Dublin Ireland
Dublin Castle

Walking around the city and learning about it, gave new meaning to what I was looking at. After the tour, I went off on my own from the group (sorry mom) and did a bit of shopping, which resulted in me buying things I really didn't need, but I treated myself anyway. 

Vashappenin bridge
Ha'penny bridge

Dublin is a really cool city, with a lot of history in it. Walking around by myself really taught me that I don't need people all the time though it truly is about who you travel with and not where you go, but I do need my phone in case of emergencies and when I need a map. Dublin also has three shopping centers that I saw, which is crazy to me because my town back home has half of one (there's maybe 8 stores in it). 

I have more photos of my trip from Ireland coming up! I visited the Cliffs of Moher and Giants Causeway as well, so keep an eye out for those! 

Have you been to Dublin before? what was your favorite part? 


Back in Time in Lincoln

3:50:00 AM

I feel so lucky every time I sit down to write a blog post about being in England. I really cannot say it enough. Back at the end of January, the entire school took a field trip to the historic town of Lincoln. 

Lincoln England

They split us into groups by last name, which meant the core four was not together this time, but it turned out to be okay and I loved the trip in the end. The first thing that my group was able to do was to explore the town by ourselves. The hills in this town are so steep, but so picturesque and definitely what I had thought England would look like all over. 


Bells Cafe

There were the cutest cafes, and I even stopped to have some hot cocoa at Bells, before the tour group met up again and wandered the castle walls. It's crazy to me, to walk on streets and along castle walls that were used so many years ago. The view of the cathedral was amazing, and I still can't believe how beautiful it was. Even though I was really cold. 

Lincoln England

Historic City


After braving the cold wind that made our cheeks pink, it was time to have some lunch. I was still full from my hot chocolate, and just snacked on a granola bar before I had to leave my friends and go to my next tour of the Cathedral. 

Inside we learned that there was a battle of church and state many times and statues had been destroyed, they also had a few of the first parliamentary meetings in that Cathedral. I loved learning about the history of the place. 

We had to go back out into the cold one more time and go on a tour, the Romans had built a fortress in Lincoln when they were in England. They also have one of the oldest archways that's still in use today in Lincoln. 

Sorry this post was so short, it was a great time in the city that ended with peanut butter fudge and an dark chocolate orange slice (my new favorite sweet). I would definitely recommend visiting Lincoln, it reminded me so much of the towns up north in Wisconsin, minus the castle and massive Cathedral!


Betty's Cafe York, England

10:23:00 AM

Before each school sponsored trip, they give us a briefing. The professor who gave this briefing loved York for it's charm and gates and also for this cafe called  Betty's that had "artery clotting scones with curdled cream and great tea." 


When we got to York, and found the cafe, the line was around the corner. It was obvious that this cafe was a special place! Luckily, around the corner just down the street is a smaller, lesser known Betty's cafe. Serving the exact same stuff as the other.
York England
It was a short wait for our table before we were greeted by the friendly staff and ordered our teas and food. I had a homemade sweet potato soup and some peppermint tea. The soup was tasteful, creamy and delicious. I was battling a cold that day and both the tea and soup were just what I needed.

Sweet Potato

Betty's cafe also has a no phone policy which means you actually have to talk to the person across from you. Crazy idea, I know.

York Restaraunts

But it was so nice, and the prices were not bad at all and the atmosphere was delightful. I would definitely recommend this cafe up and down and understood immediately what the lines of people were waiting for.


If you're in York, then check out Betty's webpage HERE. They are open Sunday to Thursday 9am to 7pm and Friday and Saturday's 830am to 9pm. They also sell little treats downstairs when you walk in and you can pick some up on your way out!