New Coffee Shops

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Having been away from home for about 3 weeks, I decided it was time to take a little trip back. Like most university students, I was starting to miss certain things. The comfort of having the lights off at bedtime, wrapping myself up in my own sheets and spreading out in my queen sized bed, not having to wake up at 7am because my roommate makes a lot of noise. Being able to see my best friend. Having homemade food is also extremely nice as well.
 While home, I pack a lot of living into those few hours that I have. This last time was definitely a learning experience for me as my friend's car gave me a huge headache and I spent the entire two hours in silent agony. Nothing could save me. Aside from that, I had a great time home.
 My mom, grandmother and I ventured downtown into a new coffee shop.

Homemade-freshly baked, scones & other bakery things! :) 
I had this Cinnamon Apple Gluten Free scone, it was delicious! 
Also this might have been the second time I had breakfast that day...what can I say? It's so yummy!

I thought this little bus looked adorable. My grandmother and my mom shared this raspberry almond scone! I didn't take a photo of my drink, but it was a chocolate chai tea and it was really good! We sat at the coffee shop in a little corner tucked away talking about all of the exciting things coming up! It seems like I have a lot to do while I'm at school so getting away for a little while is a really nice treat.
Before leaving, my mom and step-dad took me out in our convertible before I had to meet up with my friends and endure the journey back.
 I could tell you all about how stressed I feel, but I won't bore you with those details. Do follow me on twitter, instagram and bloglovin for more fun & updates! I hope you're enjoying the autumn weather!
                                        xx Kenzie
Where is your favorite place to go to breakfast or tea or coffee and who would you/ do you love to go with?


Sunflowers and Monster Cookies

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When you go to bed at half past midnight and are woken up at seven in the morning because you have a roommate who decided to make use of the microwave at such an early hour, and then eat her breakfast only to fall asleep shortly after eating, immediately putting you in a grumpy mood, it's important to treat yourself a little bit.
 Last semester was cold, and Winter-y. You remember. Being my first weekend back at University, I decided to check it out. I was up already why not?


There was Autumn in the air, and I started to feel very excited that I can pull out my new jackets bought a few months ago, and my favorite ones as well.
I parked my car a block away, pulled my bag over my shoulder and grabbed my camera. It felt so nice having my camera with me once again, on one of many adventures. I've missed it.
The park was scattered with people of all ages and rows of vegetables, fruits and homemade goods. There were peppers, and squash and pumpkins. I love Autumn. 
Along the way I picked up a few samples of bread and dip, and good-for-you granola, which seems to becoming more popular! I love making granola, I find it quite fun! 
There were HUGE wheels of bread of all kinds! My eyes weren't that big, there would be no way one person could eat that all by themselves in one sitting, but I suppose that isn't what they're meant for! 
They did look great though! Being woken up at 7am almost, I thought it would be nice to get myself a bit of a treat, there were homemade cookies with all natural ingredients, so I picked up this Monster Cookie-cookie for $1, because you know what. I deserved it. It was delicious, soft and fresh..It's still my birthday month anyway. 
Across from the food market, there was an art market as well, where a lot of cool jewlery and tapestries were on display. I picked up some little stickers, that I'm sending off in the mail with some of the cards I'll be writing soon! As well as, a little something for my Grandma, even though her birthday isn't until least I'm not shopping for Christmas yet....right? 
I kept walking by a cute bouquet of Sunflowers, having really wanted them, it was kind of an impulse buy. And by kind of, I mean it was. I don't have a vase, or any idea how to keep these flowers alive. But they're pretty to look at while they're here. 
It's always nice to treat yourself. Because who's going to buy you flowers if you've just got yourself/ anyway? Whenever I feel down I can always look at these and have a better mood. They're so bright! I love it!
Have you been to the markets lately? Are they still happening around you? What is your favorite thing to get? 
I hope you're having a great week! 

Back to School

Back To School: Round 3

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It's that time again, your favorite bloggers are all writing tips and tricks on moving away for uni or starting up school again in the first place. This time I'm back at the University I transferred to and here's hoping that this semester is better than the last.

It's nerve-wracking moving away from home, you've spent your whole summer with friends, and probably working and now you're onto school, piles of books and heavy backpacks and who knows what you're going to be eating?! 
I've already visited my favorite coffee shop once and ran to the store to buy a pack of pretzles. Who brings almond butter and nothing to eat it with? Me. 
I'm a few weeks into my schooling by now so I thought I would share photos of my dorm room and a few tips! 

Make your room "homey" If you see a decorative pillow at the store while out shopping for supplies, buy it. I got this owl one at Shopko and the London pillow was from a secondhand sale! 
Bring memories from home Photos are going to make your room feel more like you live there as opposed to just staying in that room for awhile. It's also very helpful when you miss your pals and family back home. Everyone's lives get busy and it's hard to stay in
Write letters! They don't give you an address and mailbox for nothing! Use it. I love getting mail, and I love writing letters and sending them off, especially if the other person has no idea that they're getting some mail. It's a nice break from garbage mail anyway. 

Make sure to explore your campus. You'll probably do this with the friends you meet around you, but if you need a break from studying, or from the stress, it's a nice way to get out and see the campus and gain a clear mind!

That's all I have for now, you'll do great out there kids! 
I was so nervous coming to school this year as my roommate and I were/are strangers, but we're getting to know each other and she's from Japan! Which makes this all very interesting in learning about different cultures. Of course we have differences, but fingers crossed that it'll all work out! I could probably write another post all about it at the end of the year perhaps.  If you're wondering about Latte, he has assumed his previous location on top of my desk in my room. 

Thanks for reading, sorry if I disappear a bit, I'm probably out exploring new shops and places. I'll keep you guys posted! Here's hoping procrastination doesn't hit any of us too hard...
If you're back at school, what's your favorite thing so far? Do you have a roommate? If you're already done with schooling, what was your favorite subject? Let me know down in the comments! 


Black Coffee: Waffle Bar

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I love food. And you probably know, especially if you follow me on twitter, that I love breakfast. Honestly could eat breakfast all day long. I love going to bed just a bit hungry only to wake up even hungrier for breakfast. I can't really say that I have a favorite place for breakfast or even a favorite breakfast food. It is all just so great.
   With my birthday being the long weekend, I had the chance to go to a new restaurant in downtown Minneapolis, near the University there, called Black Coffee and Waffle Bar. The moment I stepped inside, it smelled incredible.


The morning was rainy, but I was too excited for this waffle place to even care a little bit. 
We glanced over the menu, though I had already picked out what I was getting weeks ago....I told you I was very excited right? 

I ordered an iced chai, which was incredible and the spices in it were amazing. 
Chai tea
It was like a refreshing sip of Christmas (which is the next thing I'm looking forward to). 
This chai also did not make my stomach sour, which was even more reason to enjoy it. 
Coffee art
They also have lattes, this is my Uncles' and I couldn't resist taking a photo of the art. 
After waiting 30 minutes for our waffles, and finding a spot to eat, our group of 8, finally tucked into our waffles. In the time that we were waiting, my mom so kindly took photos of me in front of the big black brick siding they have. This was actually fun because every time we walked back inside, to get out of the rain, the amazing scent of fresh waffles and coffee instantly wrapped us in a nice warm, dry blanket. 
Top: Forever 21 ; Skirt: Forever 21 : Tights: Target

Outfit of the day
Shoes: Target

You probably saw the top one on my instagram. 

While everyone was tucking right into their waffles, I did manage to get a few snaps of them before they were in our bellies!
Almond Butter
(This was mine.) 
I chose the Naughty Waffle, it had strawberries, blueberries, bananas, granola, almond butter, and whipped cream on top!) 

Swiss Waffle
This one is my Uncles', he chose the One Bad Pig Waffle, it had ham and swiss on top of it. 

(I couldn't stop taking pictures of my waffle, it just looked incredible!)


While the waffles had to be waited for, my drink came out right away and that was very nice! I was extremely happy with how everything tasted, and if you are ever in the Minneapolis area, you need to check this place out! (This isn't a sponsored post but it should be.)
They have different varieties of waffles and you can even make your own! 
(Check out the website here!)

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! I had a great one and I can't wait to show you more from it! 
Thanks for reading! Make sure to follow me on bloglovin, google +, instagram and twitter! 

Leave a comment and tell me your favorite breakfast food!! 
Can't wait to read them all! 


Birthday Treats

10:30:00 AM

If you aren't following me on Instagram or Twitter, you may not have noticed that the sixth of September was my birthday! Being Labor Day weekend, meant having my birthday on a four day weekend. There are 3 birthdays right in a row in August, and it was also a good reason to celebrate them as well.
 My Grandparents picked me up from University on Friday and we drove over to Minneapolis for the festivities. Friday night was more of a laid back, wait for everyone else to arrive, night. You may remember my post last summer about the Great Minnesota Get Together, also known as the Minnesota State Fair, which we all attended this year as well! Here are some of the delicious foods that we tried this year!

This wasn't the first one we tried, it was actually the Gizmo, like last year and you can read about that and the other foods on the post I just linked! 
The photo above is actually Chicken Fried Bacon. It was quite tasty, though more chicken flavor than bacon and with maple dipping sauce (which I personally didn't care for as much.) But wow. 

Here they're making taffy. Like sea salt taffy...I was kind of in awe watching the machine flip the stuff around. 
The fair this year had listed many of its new food items and those were mostly on our "must try" list! This one was Salted Caramel Puff Ice Cream. It was pretty delicious, definitely something anyone could make at home I suppose. Just have vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce, and puff corn! 

Being Labor Day weekend, many people have off and therefore...this crowd all had the same idea of going to the fair! 

The baby animal barn is always my favorite part, this little lamb on the left was sleeping in its caretakers lap, with its head in her hand. TOO cute! We also wandered through the horse barns and saw these guys there as well as horses with sparkles on their rear ends. 

The next foods we tried out were a macaroni cup cake, which my sister took an immediate liking to. Not being a fan of macaroni, I wasn't too thrilled, but I did enjoy the deep fried oreos! 

The Italian Desert Nachos were probably my favorite things I got. Though a bit pricey, customers could get any variety they wanted! I chose white chocolate, almonds, strawberries and whipped cream for mine and it was incredible. It was very filling and I was glad it was the last thing I ate! 
I also had cinnamon flavored almonds as a snack. And of course I got shaved ice and chose Watermelon as this years flavor. 
It was a great start to my birthday weekend!!