Spring Favorites (Shoe Edition)

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My Spring favorites isn't really all that different in regards to clothing, but it does give me the chance to wear anything on my feet besides snow boots. I know I can wear some of these during the Winter but I would rather be warm in my boots than have cold toes. Plus, the boots make sure I don't fall and break a bone or something. 

I had been searching for a pair of wedges like these for so long last year! They really go well with any outfit. You can wear them with a skirt or a dress or even skinny jeans. I find that wedges are less painful than heels, at least for me anyway and they definitely make you look taller and your legs look nice! I haven't gotten the chance to wear these that often quite yet but I can't wait to! These are by Merona and they're from Target. 
Oxfords have quickly become one of my favorite shoes. I got this pair last fall and I love them. It's kind of hard to find an outfit that goes well with oxfords but they're good with jeans or skirts I think. I'm always looking for different oxfords as this is my only pair. They're made my Xhilaration and I got these from Target as well! 
I've had this pair of ankle boots for quite some time but they have yet to let me down! I also have another pair in a darker shade of gray. That pair has more of a water-proof feel to it, I'm not really sure how to describe it to you! I really like these little ankle boots and they go well with skinny jeans! They're by Maurice's. 
These have probably been my most worn flat. They're by Soda and I got them also from Target. (If you haven't been able to tell, I shop there a lot). I really like this type of shoe as it's super comfy! 
These were super popular one spring two years ago but I still really like them! They're a floral print and at first I wasn't sure what I could wear with them so I usually opt for plain shirts with a necklace. They're by Mossimo also from Target

These are also by Mossimo from Target. I really like these because they're comfortable and easy to wear with anything. 

These look really well worn don't they. That's because they are. Being my first pair of Mossimo shoes from Target, I wear these a lot. They go with anything and remain my favorite to this day. I haven't been able to find another blue pair like them which is really sad but oh well! Also if you're looking for shoe inspiration I hope this post might have given you some yourself! 
What shoes are your favorite? Leave me a comment/email/tweet and let me know! 

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Nail Inspiration Anyone?

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Ever since I could paint my own nails I have. I used to have my nails painted all of the time and I would create so many cool designs!
Sometimes I do go through a few weeks without wearing anything except clear coat, but every now and then I do get creative and decide to put on some colors I haven't worn in awhile! I have a big collection, and sometimes it's hard to remember what I have or haven't worn after awhile! 
 Over time I've gathered quite the collection of nail polish colors, some I wear more than others. Some of them are also colors that I would wear depending on what season it was. Others are also used for decorating my nails.  

The first color I've recently just tried is this green color by Essie. I don't really remember wearing it before so I thought I would give it a try! 
It's a really pretty green and reminded me of Spring and March. It's called The More the Merrier and you can get it online here! The great thing about Essie that I've found is that their nail polishes tend to stay on for a nice amount of time! Unfortunately for me, I still pick at my nails. But a bit less when I wear nail polish!  

The second nail coat I tried was doing a pink background with white dots. Pretty easy I know, but I have't really done any designs for the longest time so I thought I would start with something simple!
I used Julep's Carrie nail polish for the first coat. It gives such a light pink color I love it! I then used the Art Club White color for the dots. Doing my nails this way made me think of Spring like the above Green color did! I really like the pink color, as April is right around the corner it's perfect! It might be one of my favorite pink's that I have so far!

I hope this gives you inspiration for your own Nail Art! I'll probably be doing more of these when I get more time on my hands or when I'm just looking for something new to do! 
Thanks for reading! 

10 facts about me

Get to Know Me!/10 things

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I was going to do the whole "About Me" page but I thought I would just make it a whole blog post instead! So let's get started shall we? 
 I'm Kenzie, I'm from the States, Wisconsin to be exact. I kind of like it here except when the weather is way to cold to go outside! 

 1.) I used to write stories all of the time. Just about random things, I would love the characters and I really loved how I wouldn't even know the ending until I wrote it. I got really into it until school came along and soaked all of the creativity right out of me. I think I'm going to make a bigger effort to start writing again this summer, and maybe I'll even post a short story on here! Let me know what you think!
 2.) I love animals. I really do. All except spiders, I mean they're nice from behind a glass window but I can do without seeing them. I also dislike baboons now, thanks to a previous trip to a zoo. I'm obsessed with owls currently, and animals in tophats. 
  I did just purchase these two owls at Gordman's a few weeks ago! Aren't they cute! Owls make me so happy(don't worry I still love dogs especially Sadie but owls just idk)

3.) I love traveling. I don't really think ''love'' is an accurate description of it. Ever since I was young I have been traveling. My goal is to go to all 50 states in the US, right now I have 33 out of 50! I'm in love with the U.K even though I've never been there. It's always been somewhere I feel like I have to go and it's impossible to describe why or how but I just have to be there. 
4.) I love getting to know people from all over the world. I think that's one of the coolest things about the internet! I mean I love that people can read these words I'm typing from places that I've never been to before! 
 5.) Along with getting to know people and making friends, I'm really shy. But after awhile I'll warm up and become more comfortable!
6.) I can't stop listening to One Direction's Better Than Words at the moment. It's my favorite song off their new album. 
7.) I can't shop at one place for very long. I like shopping don't get me wrong but the standing and waiting for someone to be thanks. 
8.) I actually really don't like to party. I know that seems so weird because I'm in college but I just don't like it but I'll still go. 
9.) I dislike mushrooms. A lot. 
10.) I prefer driving to flying places. It's much more fun to see more things that flying just skips over. 

  I hope you liked this post! I know it's a bit more personal but I hope it helps you get to know who I am a little better! I'd like to know 10 things about yourself too! Also if you have a blog link it to me! I would love to read it! :) x



Banana Oatmeal Cookies

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You should probably, if you don't already, know that I love trying out new things. 
 As I was searching for new things to try, mostly cooking, I came across this recipe on Pinterest! It looked delicious and my massive sweet tooth definitely told me I had to try it out! Being on Spring Break this week gave me the perfect opportunity to give it a go!
There are a lot of ingredients in this one, but you don't use a big amount of them all. 
You'll need

 1.5 Cup of Flour
 1 teaspoon baking powder
 1 teaspoon baking soda
 1/2 teaspoon salt
 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1 banana
1 egg
2 tablespoons oil
3/4 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup regular granulated sugar
1/4 cup plain yogurt
1 teaspoon vanilla extract 
1 and 3/4 cups old fashioned oats
1 cup chocolate chips

First get two large or medium sized bowls. I used similarly sized bowls for this. In one bowl combine the flour, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon and salt.

 Then set it to the side. 
In the second bowl mash the banana then add egg, oil, brown and granulated sugars, yogurt and vanilla then whisk the ingredients together. 

 After whisking, add the banana/egg mix to the flour mix and stir until combined. 
Then you get to have a little more fun by adding in the oats. This is where I decided to put in raisins and chocolate chips, splitting what would be the 1 cup of chocolate chips into 1/2 a cup of raisins and 1/2 a cup of chocolate chips!

On a prepared baking sheet, I placed the parchment paper before putting the dough on as it's easier to clean up after. The recipe says to space the dough 2 inches apart and the balls should be about a tablespoon. To get cookies that don't flatten, put the baking sheets into the oven for about an hour. 

 Then preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Then bake your cookies for 12 minutes, or until slightly golden. They smell amazing and taste great too! 

The recipe I made actually made 28 cookies. Which seems like a lot but maybe that's because they're small. I hope you get to try it out! :)


Sunset Walk

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I would just like to start off by pointing out that we have had the weirdest start to Spring. First it's really nice and sunny and you want to be outside and then two days later it's still sunny but cold and you'd rather curl up in your comfiest blanket and drink tea or something.   The other day Sadie was feeling a bit lazy and didn't act like she wanted to go outside or go for a walk. So I didn't pester her as I didn't really want to because it wasn't as warm as it was the past few days. After dinner, while my parents were getting ready to go for a walk, suddenly Sadie was all excited and wanted to go along too. 
 Since I don't mind her being poky I had to be the one to take her. It was a really pretty sunset. I have a thing for sunsets, I think they're amazing and I love how they make the sky look all sorts of amazing colors! If you follow me on Instagram you'd probably know this because I've posted a few pictures I've taken of them! 

How beautiful is that? 
The sky was so clear it made for the perfect pictures and walk.
Seeing the moon is pretty cool too, and how the sun reflects on the houses. 
I've always tried to capture the moon, and I think this is probably my favorite picture. The sky is such a pretty color, reminds me of the water in Greece. 
I also shot this shadow picture while we were walking. 
It was a really nice night, and by the end Sadie had had enough of the cold and wanted to get back into the car quickly to get home. 



5 Products I can't live without

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This was a really difficult choice to make. I have so many products that I use for everything! Some of these were a quick and easy pick and others weren't. 
 I've seen some of my favorite bloggers do this same post, so I thought I'd give it a try!

My first product is the Olay complete all day moisturizer with sunscreen (spf15).
I really like this as a face lotion and I use it every morning and every night. I have really dry skin, especially in the wintertime and this just makes my skin so smooth! 

My second product is Carmex. The one in the picture is Pomegranate, but I have two of the regular kind also. It's easy to just put it in your purse for a night out or during the day. I really love it and I've been using Carmex for a really really long time! 

My third product is the Cover Girl clean sensitive skin foundation. This is something new that I've just bought, as I was using a different type but I really like this one. I really like Cover Girl in general.
Keeping to the CoverGirl theme is the concealer fresh complexion. Again, I've always used cover girl. Sometimes when I have a good face day I just use concealer and don't but any cover up on. Both the concealer and the foundation feel so light weight and not heavy on my skin, which is really nice!
The last product is the LashBlast Luxe, also by covergirl. I've been using a lot of non-water proof mascara lately and I'm really starting to like it. Though I do have water proof and I wear that if I go out some where if I need to dress up a little more. 

These were just the top 5 things I use the most. Do you have a top 5 products you would never go without? I would love to know what yours would be! 
Remember, you can email me whenever if you have questions, suggestions or just want to say hi! My email is listed on this page
I hope you all have a great day! 

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First Spring Adventure

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This past weekend there was a drastic change in weather here in Wisconsin. It was sunny, and it was warm. Not like 20 degrees, it was actually nice where as I did not have to wear any big warm mittens or hats or extra layers. I could just go out with my jacket and a pair of gloves.  
 Since there was such amazing weather out, I decided to take advantage of it and get outside. I of course, took Sadie with me. The roads by my house are full of water and slush, and looked like a mess to even attempt to walk on. For some reason though, the roads that are less than three minutes away are dry as bone and lovely to walk on. Sadie and I hopped into the car and drove off. She was extremely excited to get out and walk. Recently, she has been in love with going to the dog park and was disappointed that we couldn't go in today because there were other dogs and children inside. I told you she was crabby, therefore she doesn't do well with toddlers grabbing and petting her. It was such a lovely day though, so we continued on our walk. Weather like is a great reminder that winter does have an end, just as I was beginning to think it never would! 
  The streets had a few puddles here and there. Sadie being the princess she is, walked around the puddles in an attempt to keep her little paws from getting wet. Even though, there were a few puddles there were some slushy spots she did have to walk on.

I didn't mind the slushy snow, as I was just so happy to have the sun out and the air warm. 

 I didn't really remember how much snow we had gotten until we had reached the park for kids, not dogs.  There was a trail where some people had walked. Sadie hasn't really ever been to the park before, at least not by the play area, so she was happy to have a sniff around. 
She wasn't too sure about climbing on the structure past the steps, so she quickly made her way down again. I'm starting to think she's getting used to me taking so many pictures of her doing things. 
After sniffing around, she realized that there was more of a trail passed the swings and that it lead to the dog park (where she really REALLY wanted to go). Unfortunately, we couldn't go on the trail because she's light and can travel well on the snow, while I kept sinking into the snow. Turning back, that snow trail was much more packed down and easy to walk on! Sadie seemed disappointed she couldn't go the way she wanted. 
I actually knelt down to take this picture in case you're wondering how far I sunk into the snow. It was only half way up to my knees! 
We continued on our way, back to the car and back home. 
We have recently gone back to the dog park during the week, when there weren't any other dogs or children wandering around. 
She's so spoiled.
I hope the weather continues to stay like this until Summer, which still cannot come fast enough! 


An Icy Adventure~Part Two

12:30:00 PM

Remember my last post when I said after the Ice Caves, we went onto the second part of the adventure? 
Well I'm going to tell you what that second part was!

After the Ice Caves, the three of us drove a few miles away to the town of Bayfield. Bayfield is a small town on a steep hill, right on Lake Superior. A few miles from the shore is Madeline Island, one of the Apostle Islands. In the Summer there is a ferry that goes to and from the island and when I came up to Bayfield a few years ago I took the ferry. There really isn't much on the island, but it is fun to go to. I had never gone in the winter so I was really excited to! Wait...what's that you ask? How did I get to Madeline Island in the winter?

Isn't there water?
Yes, yes there is, but it's frozen!
In the winter, they plow an Ice Highway right across the river straing to the island. We just went right down to where the ferry takes off and drove on the ice. It was a little weird to be driving on the ice and even a little freaky that there were so many cracks in it. The Madeline Island Ice Highway, is actually an extensions of Wisconsin County Highway H according to the Bayflied Chamber of Commerce website and all normal traffic rules apply to the ice highway including staying on the marked roadway. The ice is monitored several times a day while the road is open and is also marked with green evergreen trees so drivers can follow the route, which at times can provide difficult visibility due to blowing snow. 
We drove across the lake right to the island and turned right around but I still managed to get some pictures. They do have a few activities that they do on the Ice Highway, although none were happening when we went through. 
  It was a really cool adventure, and I'm glad I had the chance to do it! If you ever go, there are places to park along the road to take pictures if you like but I don't think any of us were willing to get out of the car and into the cold air again after being out at the caves for about two hours! 

You can see how wide the highway is, along with Bayfield in the background look at those cracks!

After driving on the highway, we had to drive through the town to continue on our way home, as we went through the town I noticed some old buildings and the massive snow piles the houses have in front of them! I like old buildings, and it's fun to think about all of the people who have ever walked by that building just like you just have but many years ago. 
A town a few miles from Bayfield, called Ashland, has old buildings too and they also have big murals painted on the sides of their buildings! It's really cool!
This building above is in Bayfield, the building below is in Ashland with an amazing mural on it!

We then drove the 3 and a half hours back home, happily reuniting with Sadie who promptly showed she missed me by laying on my chest.
I'm really glad I had the chance to go up north to Bayfield and Ashland. Who knows if the Ice Caves will be open next Winter? Though, personally, I wouldn't go every single year but hey if that's your kind of thing go for it! 


An Icy Adventure~Ice Caves

5:08:00 PM

If you pay attention to the news, which, I hope you do...then you may know about the Lake Superior Ice Caves that is, if you live in the states.
My mom, step-dad and I had planned this trip for last weekend and unfortunately had to postpone it because a fierce winter storm came crashing through Wisconsin. The storm made roads incredibly bad and the caves had to close.
 I was really excited that they reopened and we were able to go Saturday. The day started off with an early start. Usually I sleep in on Saturdays but not this time. I had some breakfast, a cinnamon-raisin English muffin with cinnamon sugar on top thanks for asking. I was excited to wear my jawbreaking “Veni Vidi Vici” sweatshirt as featured in this blog post here I had set it aside specifically for this trip! Wearing our warm clothing we packed up the car and headed out on the 3 hour and a half drive up north.
 The Ice-Caves are located in Bayfield Wisconsin. I have never been to Bayfield in the winter but I was there in the summer when I was younger. The ride up wasn't terrible, though the road still proved to be icy in some spots. Once we got there, we saw a long line of cars on the side of the road, obviously it was busy that day. We did luck out on a parking spot that wasn't too far away. We ate our lunches in the car before heading out. We quickly pulled on our warmest clothing, snow pants, hats, mittens, and neck-warmers. 
As we started walking down the road I was really excited to see the ice caves as everyone has been talking about them. This year is a perfect time to go because it’s the longest they've been open, usually they’re only open for a week or two because the ice isn't as thick for as long.
 It’s about a three mile trek to the ice caves once you go down to where the beach is. It is sort of weird to be walking on a beach covered with ice and snow. There's a long line of people coming and going. 

Once we got to the caves they were so pretty! The sun was out and the wind wasn't terrible which made for some perfect picture taking opportunities. There were people of all ages there, even a few dogs. The red rock made the ice stand out and was really gorgeous against the blue sky. Every once in a while I thought “I’m standing on a Great Lake...that’s weird.”

Looking up at the icicles was really neat too, as I kept forgetting there were some above me!  

The three of us climbed into a nook in the rocks and saw how thick the ice was. It was glassy, and just really amazing. I even climbed into one for a picture!

This lead to a few really neat look-out pictures as well! Being in my little nook away from the cold, I took the chance to take some selfies and a few other pictures looking out. 

 Some of the ice looked like waterfalls and hung like chandeliers over the bottom. I even found one that still had water running down it and if I stood still I could hear it. That was pretty neat. Some of the ice was a really neat blue color too! 

There were some really amazing views of the ice as we went along. 

 After about two hours, it was getting hard to hold my phone for pictures as the wind was frigid and my hand may have been turning red. Coming back, proved to be worse than going to as we suspected. It was much windier around certain corners. We made it back to the car, even though it was windy and made us cold, we came back warmer than we were when we went out. All in all, the Ice-Caves blew away expectations and it was a really great day! After finishing up at the Ice Caves, we made our way to the second part of the adventure...