Vlogumentary: Review

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If you haven't heard about YouTube, you probably live under a rock. You can literally look up anything in the world and find it there. It has changed the social media game in so many ways. Recently, a film came out about YouTube, and the people who choose to put their lives on the internet. Vlogumentary is a documentary about youtubers. It follows the stories of ShayCarl and Charles Trippy as well as a few other youtubers, directed by Morgan Spurlock. 

vlogumentary banner

And it's fantastic. 

A long time ago when computers weren't thin, and Siri didn't talk, YouTube was born. People started using this platform to reach out to everyday people. 
I love a good documentary, especially one that's about a website that I log onto everyday. I watch Shay and his family goof around on camera, and I watch Charles and Allie in Florida. And when I first started writing this post, I wasn't sure why I was watching, until I realized that it was because they're like family members. Shay and Colette are the parents and Charles and Allie are like the cool aunt and uncle. I am the shyest person on the planet and when the loneliness comes screaming in, I can just log on and watch their smiling faces telling me that it's going to be okay, that I'm really not that alone. (sorry so mushy).

                                                     Colette Butler

The documentary goes behind the scenes, behind the computer screens and tells the stories of each person. How Charles filmed his brain surgery and how Shay started and sold Maker Studios to the Walt Disney company which changed how companies saw Youtubers. 

Vlogumentary Director

I have been so excited to watch this documentary, and once I finally pressed play it was relieving. I cried at parts that truly touched my heart. I never get tired of Youtubes first family (the Shaytards), but totally get why they're taking a break. And if I knew them, I would definitely ask if I could spend the week hiking in their mountains in Idaho. It is so beautiful there! The documentary does a beautiful job in showing that, and showing how difficult it can be to be a youtuber. Blogging can be difficult too from time to time, and it really gives a new fresh perspective on these people behind the screens making the content. 

I promise that if you watch this film, you will feel something. 
Vlogumentary Feels

And I know some people are upset that it's on YouTube Red, but there is a month free subscription and while some countries may have to wait to watch the film, I promise you that it is completely worth it. 

After watching Vlogumentary, I was so inspired to start my own youtube channel, but for now, I will just wait until I go abroad, because who doesn't want a million videos of castles? 

Have you watched Vlogumentary yet? What's your favorite type of Youtube video, family videos, makeup videos, prank videos? If you could meet one youtuber who would it be? 


H&M: Fall Loves

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I'm one of those people who love summer. The warmth, the light, the heat (even when people complain). I live in flowy t-shirts and leggings all summer and love it. While I do have to admit, I finally came to terms with the fact that it is now Fall, and went on a fall adventure in my newest favorite from one of my top-stores H&M. 


Having really fun outfits to wear during the Fall months make getting cold weather a little more bearable. The other day, I went out adventuring with a friend to a spot near my University to take some photos.

Fashion Post

Outfit of the day

I am all about being outdoors before the snow comes. I really am a wimp when the weather gets cold. I would prefer wrapping myself in a blanket, drinking a warm beverage and watching Netflix.
The day was gorgeous and we got to enjoy the fall colors that Wisconsin gets this time of year,we visited the nearby Farmers Market one last time, grabbing some homemade Monster cookies and ended our fun with the perfect meal at Noodles. Pesto cavatappi yes please!


Noodles and Company

What are some of your favorite stores? What are your favorite colors this season?
Thanks for reading, as always, make sure to follow me on all the social media over to the Contact page! 


Top: H&M
Pants: Kohls
Shoes: Target 


Chez Fish

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It might be October, but every once in a while I think about the beautiful beaches of South Carolina and picture the delicious food that I could never seem to get enough of. I've told you about two of my top three places my family at in South Carolina, and I suppose I'll tell you about the third today. 


It rained once, maybe twice while we were enjoying our stay in the southern state. One night, we decided to check out a restaurant called Chez Fish. If you're looking for fresh seafood, this is definitely the place. When you first enter Chez Fish, you are greeted by their display of different seafood that they offer to sell. 

Decorations Sealife

Don't be afraid, but there are cats that hang around the parking lot, we all guessed that they fed them after the store shut down for the night. Aside from the cats, we hurried inside from the rain into a store decorated with vibrant color and fun shore-themed decor. 


Most of our food was recommended, my Tilefish was amazing, topped with a giant fried shrimpserved on top of carrot mashed potatoes. It was the special of the day, and the fish was so light and tasty, the carrot mashed potatoes, though completely unhealthy were amazing and I still dream about them today. The veggies and sauce blended everything together so well. (my mouth is watering just thinking about it! ) 

CarrotMashed Potatoes

We may have been really really full, but couldn't resist a little slice of Key Lime Pie. I usually don't go for something with Lime, but this pie was just as delicious as the entree! 


My meal at Chez Fish, was amazing, and we all talked about the food every once in a while. Agreeing that this was probably our favorite place to go! If you're ever on Kiawah Island, Seabrook Island, or John's Island or even near Charleston South Carolina, you have to visit Chez Fish. Trust me. You will love it. 
You can check out Chez Fish' menu here. If you're not in the mood for seafood, they do have options but the seafood is the best. 

I hope you're all having a lovely week! What has been your most memorable meal, good or bad? 
Can't wait to hear from you in the comments! 


Wormsloe Plantation

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History intrigues me. Being in the south, surrounded by so much history was exciting for me. After a little hiccup during our trip, we delayed our voyage further down from Charleston, South Carolina to Savannah Georgia. The sun was shining and we had just finished our walk around the beautiful city and went on to find a plantation. 

Savannah GA

One thing, that Savannah is known for is the Wormsloe Plantation. What was once a grand plantation build in the 1700's, is now just ruins. What leads to the ruins of Wormsloe is what brings visitors in. You can take tours of the plantation, where people dress up in clothes they would have worn back in the 1700's. 

Pulling into the Wormsloe Plantation, the long 1.5 mile (2.4 km) drive of oak trees greeted us, with long spanish moss hanging from their branches. The sunshine came through, off to the side there was a family taking photos of their children, cars were passing through. It's fair to say, we took plenty of photos. 

Everytime we pulled into places like this, even winding through the trees back in Asheville on our way to the Biltmore, I couldn't help but imagine people travelling here in wagons and on horses way back when it had just begun. There is a museum once you pull in, which we ventured into and saw the diagram of what it would have looked like. You do have to pay a fee to take the tours, and since we were there about 20 minutes to closing, and knew we really only wanted to see the trees, my family opted out of it. 


The drive is so beautiful, standing only a few feet from our own car was just enough to get perfect photos. The Wormsloe Plantation is located not to far from downtown Savannah, and it is just stunning. You've probably seen this photo on my instagram (and you're seeing it again lucky you!) 

What part of history would you go back to? If you could meet a historical figure who would it be? 


Kiawah Island Wildlife

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I love wildlife. Travelling opens your eyes to so many different things. While my family was on Kiawah Island for a week, we ran into so much wildlife. This post is going to be pretty picture-filled, I hope you don't mind! 

Horseshoe Crabs wash up on shore

A surprising sight, while on Kiawah Island. A Bobcat on one of the bike trails on the way to the beach. People were gathered around it, and it really had no where to go. Poor guy looked a bit spooked.

Ocean Crab
When the tide would go out, the crabs would get stuck in the tide pool and zipped around when I walked through them. 

Beach Birds

Hermit Crab
There were also hermit crabs on the beach, I never knew hermit crabs were beach creatures! 


After a tropical storm, a few jellyfish popped up on the shore in the morning.

Big Birds

A regular sight on our way to and from the beach. There was a massive Osprey nest, and they were fun to watch. 
While we enjoyed walking to the beach, we also took a few mornings to bike ride where we saw this bird. 

Long Beak

And our pal, the alligator. 

South Carolina

South Carolina


One Claw

These ducks were hilarious, bobbing in and out of the waves, and riding them back onto shore. 
We were lucky enough to find not only one starfish, but two! 

Beach Find

And the turtle patrol was also out one morning, where we watched them uncover a turtle nest. They collect one egg from each nest, since Loggerhead turtles are endangered and they need to learn new ways to protect them. It's probably one of my favorite photos from the trip. 

Endangered Species

I loved exploring the beach at the end of the day when the tide would go out, and the creatures would have to wait a few hours until high tide again. I loved finding conch shells after the storm. We found 3 or 4! It was crazy. I wish I was still there! 


Sand and Sunsets

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I love sunsets, the colors of the sky as the sun darkens to a dark orange glow. I love it. 
We were lucky enough to visit Kiawah Island in South Carolina, and to see some amazing sunsets while we were there. You have seen a few on my instagram, but I thought I would share them on here if you haven't seen them! 


Turtle Cove

There is not a bad place to see the sunrise or set on Kiawah! 
One night, we ventured over to a spot called Mingo Point, there was a little spot of sand and hundreds of tiny crabs that would scatter if you tossed a piece of grass or stick near them. 


Kenzie Kuivanen



Mingo Point



South Carolina

Mingo Point

Can you see the Dolphin?

Sunsets have always captivated me, the way the sky goes from light blue to yellow and orange to purple and dark again. There is just something about watching the sunset that makes me feel so at peace and extremely thankful to be able to have the opportunity to see them.