Wanderlust Tag

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I haven't done a tag in quite some time, but when I saw this one pop up over at Olivia's blog , I thought I would give it a shot. 

Where have you traveled to and where would you like to go again?
I've traveled to 33/50 of the states in America; would you really like me to list them all? I've also been to the Bahamas, St Thomas, St Maarten, Italy, Greece, Turkey. I'm probably even missing one. 

Where was your first plane journey to?

You're leaving tomorrow, money is no object, where would you go?
That's a tough decision! I do want to go to England really badly, but I would also love to see New Zealand!

Preferred Method of Travel?
Car. You can see so much more when you drive and you can take stops on the way to the real destination! Although I don't mind a plane, they seem too stuffy if the trip is really long. 

Top Three Travel Items?
My ipod, a magazine and a camera

Favorite Travel website?
Tripadvisor, my family uses that quite a bit to find out where to eat and places to add to the list of things to see!

Where would you travel just to eat the food?
Italy. The food is just incredible. Makes me hungry just thinking about it. 

Is there a place you would never go again?
No, I don't think so. I think there are places that I wouldn't rush back to but maybe visit further in the future. 

Can you recite your passport number if asked?

Do you prefer middle, window or aisle seat?
I like the window seat, just because I can see everything, but I don't mind the aisle. I haven't really sat in a spot that ever put me in the middle seat. Lucky me. 

How do you pass time on a plane?
I usually read a magazine or a book, or listen to music and look out the window. Munch on some snacks, and if the ride is long then I can watch a movie!

I hope you enjoyed this little tag! I tag whoever is reading this to put it up on your blog! Please link your tags in my comments if you do! I would love to read them!
Where is your favorite place that you have traveled so far? What is your dream vacation/holiday?


A little change

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In a sudden twist of events, I have now ended up with a room of my own. (sorry that was partially dramatic what with the larger letters and all but you'll see why.) Previously, if you have been following my blog for a bit now (thank you), you would have read about the fact that I made the move from my hometown to a new university, in a new town, not knowing a soul, about two hours away. How did you get a room all to yourself Kenzie? roommate was presented with a great opportunity to be a residence assistant, which means she basically makes sure everything is going smoothly among the people living on the floor. So she had to move quickly (she pretty much left in a little less than 24 hours.) She did score her own room as well. 
Though all of this was quite exciting and I was very happy for her, it made me a little nervous. Because well I had nothing. Which prompted a call to my mum that went something along the lines of "I don't have anything can you come here and just bring stuff?" Luckily for me, she had off a few days during the week and the room wasn't left barren for too long! And just as quickly as the nervous "What am I going to do now?!" feeling had come, it was quickly replaced by "I really want to start decorating this place!" So that's just what I did. Though, being careful not to go too crazy (it took a lot of effort) because everything that is in the room now, does have to be out by mid-May when I return home for the summer.
So now I have my own space. I thought I would give you that little life update as well as share a few photos of it! 
Here is the room as a whole. 

Those are just a few things I've done to make the room more comfortable, and less empty! 
I do have other blog posts waiting to be set free from their draft stages so make sure you're staying tuned! And make sure you're following me over on Bloglovin
I hope you're all having a great weekend! 


Exploring near the river

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If you've been reading awhile you may have read that I've moved. It's exciting, a little nerve wracking at first but hey, that's life I suppose. Being in a new town and on my own I decided to make sure to pack my new camera (the really nice one I got for Christmas and used for those Arizona posts). 
 Anyway, I decided to use my first saturday here by exploring. It's a beautiful campus, and it's covered with a little bit of snow, not as much as last year, which I am perfectly fine with. So I can only assume it's twice as pretty in the Autumn when the leaves are full of color. 
 My university is set on the river, which makes for some pretty nice photos. 
The weather wasn't too cold, I did look ahead to check and see which day would be best to go. 

The water was so still, it was really pretty. 

I also wandered into a park, where there were twisting trees, it was also on the river. There were squirrels running across a branch and darted into a hole in the tree, they went too fast and I wasn't prepared to catch a photo of them. 
After wandering the park, I decided to go down an older street. 

There was this cute little Fish made from scrap metal. I thought he was cute! Of course, he reminded me of my fish too. (Latte is currently enjoying his new life in college by the way.)
I did stop by a shop to grab a sweater that represented my university, as I actually had nothing, I'm not even sure why. But I am glad that I finally now have something.
The buildings on this street give it some character and actually make it look quite cute. 
There was also a little bear statue along the way. 
Isn't he cute?
 After walking the length of the little shops that lined the street, the cold was starting to get to my fingers, though I didn't mind much. I do live in Wisconsin after all, and it hasn't been nearly as cold as last year, so I really shouldn't complain!
 I did end up back on campus, spotting some ducks in the creek as I came up to a building. 

See what I mean when I say, I can only imagine how pretty it is in the beginning of fall or even spring and summer when the grass is nice and green. I really can't wait to experience that. And besides, the sun would probably feel nice too. 

I finished off the walk with my usual route back up to the dorm room, up some stairs. By some I mean a lot. It's a nice little walk back, and since I like doing things outdoors it was a nice break from homework and sitting in the room. 
It also looks incredible at night here, and I promise when the weather warms up, I will take some night time photos for you, because they really should be shared. 
I hope you like this post! Let me know what else you would like to read! 
Have you gone back to school now? If you have, how is it? Do you have any difficult classes, or really fun ones? 
I'd love to hear what you have to say in the comments!
Thank you so much for reading!
See you next time!


Winter LUSH review

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The thing about moving away is that everything is different. When I found out that I was officially going to move away and be somewhat on my own..the first thing I knew that I wasn't going to have anymore was baths. Sure I'd go home but being home for the weekend, I probably wouldn't have as much time. Therefore I decided to pop some of my Christmas LUSH presents into the bath and of course whip out a review post for you all. 
 I love LUSH and I really only discovered it a little less than a year ago (where was I?). But I was really excited for it to be winter as they bring out their new items. 

The first new Bath Bomb that I had tried out was Cinders. 

Small in size, Cinders still gives off a nice citrus-y smell. Though I did look at the little pamphlet that came in my Lush box and it had stated that it fizzed and crackled, somewhat like a fire, but that never happened for me. It does look like it holds the ingredient to create that effect, though it never went off for me. Maybe it was a dud, I will probably still purchase this one next year just to see!

A not so new Bath Bomb that I had decided to try, was Dragon's Egg. 

This Bath Bomb was a really fun one. Lush writes this as a sherbert-y citrus scent, which was very true. It smelled incredible. I had added bubbles to the bath, that's why it is so bubbly. (Just in case you were wondering, but you probably weren't.) Near the end of the bath I started to realize that this bath bomb left behind a nice orange color as well as sparkles. And who doesn't want a bath filled with sparkles? It wasn't a lot as to where it might stain the tub or anything but in the end it made me feel great and I still had a few sparkles on me when I got out. 

Winter is the perfect time for a bath, at least if you live in temperatures less than 0 degrees. I know these are only two of the bath bombs that I used, but I also used an old favorite that I've already reviewed called Fizzbanger and you can read that review if you'd like right here.
   Have you tried any new LUSH products lately? Any that you're excited to try out? 
I hope you're all having a great day! 
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