Beach Bag Essentials

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Headed to the beach this summer? Make sure you put enough sunscreen on and pack a few extra things! I've made up a lovely little list of things that I would put into my beach bag and maybe give you some inspiration for yours! 

Top 6 Beach Essentials:
1. Sunglasses/ Hat: Protect your eyes, my nose burns so easily and I usually stuck to wearing hats on the beach! 
2. Water: You might not feel very warm on the beach by the water because of the breeze, but make sure to stay hydrated so you don't feel sick later on! 
3. Sunscreen: Always apply sunscreen more than once! I applied at least three times and I still got burnt. 
4. A book or magazine: Being on the beach is so relaxing, bring a book or a magazine to enjoy while you're there! 
5. Camera. I loved taking photos of the water and things I found along the shore, just to remember them by! 
6. Snacks. I liked to pack a snack on the beach like watermelon or pretzels, just because we didn't want to walk all the way back to our house. 

What are some things you always pack for a day out of the house or at the beach? Are any of these things on your list? Let me know in the comments! 
x Kenzie


Tupelo Cafe: Asheville

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If you've been reading my blog for awhile now, you already know a few things. I love to travel, and the latest place I've gotten to is Asheville North Carolina, and secondly, I love food. Visiting new places and trying local food is really fun for me. Looking for a fun place to eat while my family stayed and explored in Asheville, we found Tupelo Honey Cafe. This cafe was a recommendation by our concierge at the hotel we were at and it did not disappoint. 

Asheville NC

It was a warm and humid day that we came to the Tupelo Honey Cafe in downtown Asheville. We were just beginning our trip and had not had enough sunshine yet and wanted to be sat outside. One of the first things we were given was a homemade biscuit with blueberry jam and Tupelo Honey. 

The Tupelo Honey is SO good, and it was a great appetizer for our lunch spot. The menu at the Tupelo really has something for everyone and I would highly recommend it! 
My mom and I shared their Pear and Brie grilled cheese,with a side of Brussels sprouts and bacon. It was all delicious. 
Grilled Cheese with Pear

Brussel Sprouts

This was one place I would definitely go back to if I ever got back to Asheville. If you want a light lunch, I would also recommend splitting a dish as it was pretty big and the perfect sharing size! I would not have been able to eat all of it on my own. 
Finishing up our meals and filling our tummies with delicious food, we ventured into the town to do some shopping. Asheville has two Tupelo Cafe's in the area and you can also buy the Tupelo Honey scent, from the Savannah Bee Company as well! 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Do you like pear and brie grilled cheeses? 
Where do you eat out the most often? 
Let me know how you liked this post down in the comments! 
x Kenzie


Downtown Asheville

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After driving 10 hours three weeks ago, my family and I found ourselves winding out of the beautiful green and blue mountains of North Carolina into the city of Asheville. We would be staying two days and three nights in the city. Our hotel was nestled in the hills, just down the road from the downtown area. 

Downtown Asheville is filled with little shops and fun places to eat and grab a treat. On our first night, we learned Asheville is a dog friendly town, many of the shops allow people to bring their dogs and because there is so much outdoor seating, people even bring their dogs out for dinner. Being a massive dog lover, I loved it. 

Having said that, we also stumbled across a "Before I die.." wall where anyone who passes by can write what they want to accomplish or have happen before they die. What did I write? To own my very own dog of course! 


Before I die wall

Asheville, NC

Nearby the wall, there was also an old double decker bus that served coffee, though I'm not a coffee drinker they had other drinks, but I just wanted my photo taken in front of it! 
North Carolina, USA


The people we met in Asheville, were very nice, and not having had google mapped the city before we arrived, I would have been surprised at how it was set into the hills. The weather was lovely during the day for us to walk around. We put a lot of life into our time in Asheville and I'll tell you all about it in the next couple of posts I have coming up! 
I hope you enjoyed this one! 
Have you ever been to Asheville or North Carolina? Do you know any place like this that you have been to? Make sure to comment below! 
x Kenzie


Making Lemons from Lemonade

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Chicago Illinois

Hello everyone! I'm officially back from holiday, while I soaked in as much vitamin D as I could, I let this blog take a back seat. I honestly loved being off the internet, it was freeing not to have it with me and just have my nice camera, not to worry about if my phone was left behind and not checking what was happening every 15 minutes on social media. 

So, where was I? May 31st through June 14th I was gone, and I stayed near Charleston South Carolina on Kiawah Island. Near the end of our trip, we ended up getting into a bit of car trouble, extending our holiday and downsizing our wallets. While waiting for news on our vehicle that would take us home (Charleston is 17 hours from Wisconsin), we had no choice but to make Lemonade from our Lemons. And we did. I made up a list about Pros and Cons of being "stuck" in a vacation that will seemingly never end. 


Eating out at restaurants you said "We'll eat there next time" to
Seeing sights you would have had to come back to
Having more time off of work and school
Being in the sun longer
Finding new things to do
South Carolina


Not knowing when the vehicle will be done (we waited a long time around the shop)
Spending more money than you thought you would
Running out of Data for your phone 
Getting behind on classes and work
Having to go back to Charleston and get the car and drive it back
Not starting the drive back at a reasonable time 
Charleston South Carolina

We eventually left Charleston on Monday at 6pm Eastern, drove about 6 hours and 15 minutes and then an entire 11 hours on Tuesday. Which is why there wasn't a post Tuesday. 
Even though we ran into some trouble, I really enjoyed being in the south, having more time to eat shrimp and grits, see the sights and spend time with my family. It may have been an unfortunate situation but I definitely feel like we all helped each other make lemonade from our lemons! We survived and made it home at last! 

I cannot wait to share all of the photos from the trip with you guys! It might take a while but I hope you'll love it! I hope you're all having a great month. Has there ever been a time where you have had to make a bad situation good? Have you ever been stuck on vacation? 

Can't wait to hear from you in the comments! 
x Kenzie