One Direction FOUR album Review

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Chances are, whether or not you wanted to, you have heard of One Direction. 
The boy band consists of four British and one Irish lads. Louis, Liam, Zayn, Harry and Niall were all discovered on a British television show called the X Factor, not making it in the individual round, Simon Cowell decided that they would be best suited as a group, therefore forming One Direction.
And that was four years ago. 
Since then, the boys have put out four albums, won countless awards and have multiple number ones in many countries. 

Their latest album is called FOUR. 
Being a fan of the band, I was really excited to pick up this album, as I do have tickets to go to their 2015 tour in August! 
Their sound has changed since their What Makes You Beautiful days, but it's a good change. 
The boys do their part in Co-writing songs with the likes of Ed Sheeran on the great track "18". If you turned on the radio right now you might hear "Steal My Girl" which is a fun upbeat song you can't help but sing along to. 
The deluxe album also holds special tracks fans who bought the regular version won't be able to hear unless they buy it on itunes, such as "Act My Age" which is probably my favorite song right now as it's really fun and makes me want to dance around my kitchen. 
"Stockholm Syndrome" is another one of my favorite tracks, as I just love the vocals in it. 
The entire album in all honesty, is really well done and I cannot wait to hear these songs live in person. They're actually coming to Wisconsin. Finally. 

I do hope you go check it out, look up some of these songs on Youtube if you're not too sure. If you have heard the album or a few songs which ones do you love the most? I'm glad I grabbed it! 



Top Ten Tag

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First of all, I am sooo sorry for the lack of posts. I've been busy with school and work and honestly, I haven't felt extremely motivated to whip up a post every weekend. But here I am, finally getting to a tag that I meant to do in September. (Sorry Jenny) 
This is the top ten tag. I was tagged by the lovely Jenny from Jenny's Everyday Life 
I'm usually not a big makeup person, but I did find ten things somewhat related to make up that I use often!

For myself I use, Cover Girl's clean and sensitive skin foundation. Usually I don't go for foundation in the Summer months as I just use Concealer..

For concealer I stick with Cover Girl, using a little darker color as I tan really easily in the Summer time! 

3. Powder
Again, sticking with Cover Girl (I clearly like their product huh..) I usually use this if I'm going out, to school or dinner or hanging out..otherwise it doesn't come out.

4. Blush
For blush, I use a lighter color from Ulta, I'm not too sure what it's called, it's not super light pink but not deep red either. (I told you I'm not a big makeup person right?) 

This is where Jenny put "Bronzer" and since I don't use bronzer at all...I thought I would tell you about the shampoo I use. It's from Bath and Body Work's and it's called Energy. It smells amazing, made with Ginger and is supposed to wake you up a bit just to give you a small boost of energy.

Another part of this tag that I changed, for Lotion right now I love the Shimmer and Shea Cashmere Glow by Bath and Body Works. Half of the bottle is the shimmer and half is lotion, you can choose to do both at the same time or mostly lotion, or mostly shimmer! It's a great winter smell as well!
Right now I use Cover Girl's lashblast (the one in the red tube). I like that it gives you a "I'm not wearing any mascara but my eyelashes look a bit longer thank you for noticing" look. 

I really don't have a favorite brand, and my eyeshadow color depends on what my outfit is for that day. If I'm not going anywhere fancy I don't even wear any! Otherwise I just swipe on a light brown color with a dab of light purple to give myself more of a fresh look.

For Winter right now, I love Taylor Swifts Wonderstruck, if I'm going for a fancier night I use Jennifer Anistons perfume. I did write a list of more perfumes on this blog post here

 Of course, it being almost Christmas, and really snowing resulting in many more darker shades in clothing, I opt for the darker lip shades. Again, if I'm not going out and if I don't really care all that much, I just use Carmex, the pomegranate flavor! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this tag! Sorry I haven't written in awhile! 

I'm taking 
and Anna

If you've already done this tag link them in the comments for myself and others to read! 

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Apple Cider

Fall Favorites

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If you're a blogger, do you ever mean to write up a post but then something else comes up and that post gets pushed back? That's what happened with this one. See I meant to post it in September, when Autumn was just beginning, not the beginning of November with only a few weeks left. 
Sorry. Blame school, work, other posts that came before this one.
Autumn has come in full swing here in Wisconsin and that means I can bring out some of my favorite things!
I can finally pull out my fuzzy socks, and turn on the fireplace.
In no particular order, here are a few of my current favorite things this season.


Hot Tea
I love hot tea. When I'm really cold, or even just anxious, I can pick a favorite flavor and pop it into the hot water and let it steep. Usually my favorites fall between Raspberry or Blueberry but the last trip to the grocery store I picked up a new box of assorted flavors and I'm really excited to try them!

Ice Tea
Even though Ice Tea is more of a Summer type of thing, I really can't stop drinking it. I may or may not get a little shaky thinking about it if I haven't had any for awhile. And I may or may not be on my second one while typing this. (I am) 

Apple Cider
This is definitely a drink you can have in Winter as well. A friend recommended an Apple Cider that has caramel in it with the cider, topped with whip creme and a sprinkle of cinnamon. It is incredible. 
But it's also really sweet, so I unfortunately cannot have too much! Which might be good for me...and  my wallet.  


There is nothing better than wrapping a nice knit infinity scarf over a sweater or shirt. 
My neck is warm and I'm extremely happy. 

My favorite outfit this fall is this white flowy shirt from H&M, skinny black jeans and my newest pair of Oxfords. Paired with this heart necklace from forever 21. 


Right now my favorite songs of the Fall are 
Fireproof by One Direction
Always you by Maroon Five
Unkiss me by Maroon Five
Leaving California also by Maroon Five


Fall always brings the prettiest colors here in Wisconsin so I try to take a deep breath and love it as much as I can because the terrible Winter will be on its way. 
I've had to get up pretty early for work but the sunrises are really beautiful. And I also leave school in the afternoon to see the colors on the hills in my town. 

For right now, these are all of my favorite things this season! 
What are some of your favorites? Do we have any in common? 
I do love reading your comments so even if you have nothing to say just type hello! 

See you in the next post! 


LUSH review

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A few months back, in June, I had stopped by the Mall Of America to visit LUSH for the very first time. In August I shared my reviews on three of the products I had picked up (which you can read about here). There was still a good number of LUSH products waiting to be used, I decided to do another review, of three other Bath Bombs I had gotten.

The first product I tried, was the Bubbleroon.

I picked this up in the store and I instantly fell in love with the smell. Picture chocolate and coconut. It smelled so amazing and even though I could not wait to use it, I was a bit hesitant at first because I didn’t want to lose the scent but I figured that I would be back at LUSH in no time. LUSH’s bubble bars are easy to break and you can get a lot of tub time out of them. They’re easier to split than bath bombs and create bubbles instead of fizzy, colorful baths. Though you can pair up scents if you want, like using a bath bomb and parts of the bubble bars as well!

The second product I decided to try out was Ickle Baby Bot.

This was given to me by my mom, as she knows how much I love LUSH. It’s a cute little blue colored robot. It smells very nicely, and gives the bath a beautiful light blue color! Inside this little guy has a lavender smell to him which immediately relaxes and soothes a person. On the website, it says that it’s helpful in rewiring kids energy and helping them get to sleep. Don’t be afraid to use it for yourself. We’re all big kids anyway right?

The third product I picked out from my basket of LUSH bath bombs and bubble bars was the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar. 

The smell that comes off this bar is incredible. Every time I would even go near my little basket of LUSH goodies, I would smell this, so I was really excited to give it a try! Like the Bubbleroon, this bubble bar was also easy to pull apart and crumble under the water. I always crush mine in a small clear bag before I use it. It created a lot of long lasting bubbles and I was really happy with it! It gives off a delicious sweet scent. Think vanilla and cotton candy. So if you have a sweet tooth, then this one is for you! The site states that the Candy Bubble Bar is also loaded with cocoa butter to soften and moisturize your skin.

I hope you guys liked this post! What are some of your favorite Bath bombs and bubble bars from LUSH?
Are you really excited to try out the Christmas LUSH stuff like I am? I can’t wait!
See you next time!