Dinner Underground

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It’s not every day that I get the chance to go out and eat at some place that’s really neat.
 There’s a restaurant in my town called “The Mine Company”. It’s been around since the 1980’s but has since been renovated numerous times. Yet, it still manages to keep the old historic feel inside and out. The outside of the building is made to look old with a crooked welcome sign, leaning tin walls and old wooden benches. Though everything inside is definitely up-right.  The moment you walk in, you’re greeted by somewhat dim lighting and great decorations to really give that “old mine” feel!
Because we came to eat on a Friday night, it was quite busy at the Mine Company. 
Though the wait wasn't long! They have a lot of seating in the place. When I was younger I would come with my cousins, or just my parents and sister to eat their delicious cheese fries! 
That's all you really needed. Two orders of cheese fries was enough for a medium to large group, unless you have a really big appetite. I have never really been one to over-eat? I guess that's a good thing! 
In the bar sits a guy named Virgil. Virgil is one of the "miners" and he's been there since the beginning! Lately, I have noticed more and more people taking selfies with Virgil. It's quite the sight let me tell you. But how cute is he? 

The main seating area, is set up to be as if you're eating underground! 
If you have never been down in a mine, there is usually water, and it's usually cold and very dark. Though the restaurant is set up to be like a mine, it wasn't as cold and not as dark, which was good!  On one wall, is a little waterfall, a gate surrounding it so kids don't take 
a nose dive, it's a really nice feature. 

The tables each have a gas lamp to add to the authentic feel of the place!
There are a lot of food options to choose from. Once my dad and I were seated 
we ordered drinks first. I always get the Raspberry Iced Tea. I love it so much. 
I had to scan over the menu for a few moments, while my dad knew right away what he had wanted. I've been trying to eat a little healthier so I settled on a nice Taco Salad. That's sort of healthy right? Better than cheese curds or cheese fries right? Say yes. Thanks. 
I was so hungry by the time it came that I had almost forgot to take a picture! 
It's rare that I get everything on it. Usually I don't like tomatoes, but I was really 
hungry and part of me really just didn't care. There weren't a lot of chips on 
the salad but there was a lot of lettuce to hold everything onto as I ate. 
My dad had gotten a two piece fish fry, which he ate in record timing. 
There is a wide variety of food offered, not just cheese fries, but you should still try them! They're really good! Especially if you're starving and need something with loads of cheese!
We retired home with a movie, Pretty Little Women was on and I had 
never seen it before. (there weren't any action-y films on so we had to settle!)
I hope you all are having a great week! 
What's your favorite thing to order at a restaurant? Have you been to any place that stuck out to you? 
See you next time! 
Thanks for reading! 

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  1. I love how it is decorated underground!
    Its very unique
    The food looks amazing xx

    Beauté Within | Brittish Beauty Blog

    1. I've never seen anything like it before and the food was very good and really filling! Thanks for commenting! :) xxx

  2. this looks amazing, I love unique little places like these :) glad you had fun! the food looks great as well x


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