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The thing about moving away is that everything is different. When I found out that I was officially going to move away and be somewhat on my own..the first thing I knew that I wasn't going to have anymore was baths. Sure I'd go home but being home for the weekend, I probably wouldn't have as much time. Therefore I decided to pop some of my Christmas LUSH presents into the bath and of course whip out a review post for you all. 
 I love LUSH and I really only discovered it a little less than a year ago (where was I?). But I was really excited for it to be winter as they bring out their new items. 

The first new Bath Bomb that I had tried out was Cinders. 

Small in size, Cinders still gives off a nice citrus-y smell. Though I did look at the little pamphlet that came in my Lush box and it had stated that it fizzed and crackled, somewhat like a fire, but that never happened for me. It does look like it holds the ingredient to create that effect, though it never went off for me. Maybe it was a dud, I will probably still purchase this one next year just to see!

A not so new Bath Bomb that I had decided to try, was Dragon's Egg. 

This Bath Bomb was a really fun one. Lush writes this as a sherbert-y citrus scent, which was very true. It smelled incredible. I had added bubbles to the bath, that's why it is so bubbly. (Just in case you were wondering, but you probably weren't.) Near the end of the bath I started to realize that this bath bomb left behind a nice orange color as well as sparkles. And who doesn't want a bath filled with sparkles? It wasn't a lot as to where it might stain the tub or anything but in the end it made me feel great and I still had a few sparkles on me when I got out. 

Winter is the perfect time for a bath, at least if you live in temperatures less than 0 degrees. I know these are only two of the bath bombs that I used, but I also used an old favorite that I've already reviewed called Fizzbanger and you can read that review if you'd like right here.
   Have you tried any new LUSH products lately? Any that you're excited to try out? 
I hope you're all having a great day! 
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  1. Replies
    1. It's really fun! I hope you like it when you try it out! :) x

  2. Dragon's Egg looks amazing! I really want to try that.
    Aleeha xXx

    1. It's a fun one! Might be my second favorite after Fizzbanger :)

  3. I love stopping by Lush stores even if it's just for how good it smells!

    1. Oh I know right? A few weeks ago I was at one but it was too busy but it smelled so good I wasn't too disappointed!

  4. I went to lush about a month ago when my mom visited and I picked up some Christmas bath bombs and bubble bars. I grabbed the cinders one as well and a peeping santa which looks SO cute!! I'm waiting to use them over winter break but I can't wait to try them!!


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