Nail Polish Review: Orly

10:30:00 AM

I'm not one to usually write a beauty review, as I really don't consider myself a beauty blogger or know much of anything about the beauty world in general, but I did happen to stumble upon this brand and fall in love with it. 

Even though I really can't have painted nails due to where I work, when I have a stretch of days off, such as moving to a new town and coming for school. I'm able to paint them! 
I have had these two colors for a while now, and I love them. I have a thing for Mint-Green/Blue at the moment.  
Orly nail polish doesn't disappoint and it has actually stayed on my nails for longer than the usual three-four days. Perhaps I'm just not as stressed out while I wear these two colors? Yea...that must be it!
I think these colors are really pretty and perfect for Spring or Summer! 
I'm always looking for new colors to try, and my collection is pretty large right now! 
What are your favorite nail polish colors? What's your go to color or your favorite brand?
Let me know in the comments what you think! 
I usually don't write posts like this but if you enjoyed it, let me know too, perhaps I'll do some more! 
Thanks for reading! 
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  1. These are such lovely colours and I agree they are perfect for spring xxx

  2. Back when I was younger I used nailpolish every day and recoloured them all the time,
    but now I barely ever use it. Not sure why, because nailpolish is so much fun.
    I'm glad to hear this polish lasts longer than the usual.
    Those would be colours that I would've chosen, too.
    At the moment, a lot of people seem to be hyped up about Essie polishes, don't they?
    I wonder if they really are that amazing xD
    Thanks for sharing your opinion on these.

    1. I have noticed that as well! Essie has pretty colors, and I have one that's almost gone but it's quite expensive! And I don't think that Orly was as much! :) I'll have to do a review on them and compare the two! x

  3. I love mint-green too! I do not paint my nails often because they end up turning yellow after a while. But I like nailpolish just like any other girl. I like to use shades of pink in summer and burgundy for winter. From time to time I use red too :)

    1. Mine used to do that too! Taking a break from painting nails always helps! Sometimes I just do a clear coat so they look shiny! haha :) x

  4. These two polishes look really pretty! I love blues and blue/greens. :D

  5. Love those colors, they are so beautiful and summer-y hahah My go-to color is either black or silver :) And I don't have a favourite brand because 90% of the nail polishes I own costed like 1-2 € or less so yeah... I really want to try Essie or O.P.I nail polishes though!
    Anna x


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