Summer Wedding

9:00:00 AM

Last weekend was stocked full of fun and excitement. 
After rolling out of bed at 4 on Saturday morning, slowly getting dressed, munching on a Blueberry Clif Bar (my fave) and going off to work, it was time to come home at 11 and get ready for a wedding.  My step-cousin was getting married. 
I hadn't been to a wedding in a long time and I was pretty excited that two of my friends were going to be at the dinner after the ceremony! 
I was feeling a bit anxious, I could probably blame it on the 24 ounce iced coffee I had, but once I was seated with my friends, I felt much better. 
The reception was set in a medium sized room, the decorations were so nice. I always like to look at them, and of course the plates had a little candy set on them! 

We spent the time talking and wondering how the caterers knew which plate everyone was going to get, which we discovered it was our name tags on the table that gave it away. 
The food was great, the dessert afterwords was amazing...who doesn't like mini cheesecakes? Three different flavors? I'm in! 
I had Chicken Cordon Bleu (left photo), and mini cheesecakes (chocolate, turtle and lemon!) I did sneak one of my friends who wasn't at the wedding two of the little desserts to work with me the next I had been standing at the table for a bit charging my phone. 
The night was spent watching the younger kids take over the dance floor, and even some of the older people got in on the fun as well. 
Over all, it was really nice spending time outside of work with my friends as we don't really get the chance to do that often. It's always fun getting to see family members, and sometimes realizing that you wish you'd stay in touch more often. 
I did not drink coffee the next day, as after the one I had had me feeling like my bones inside my body were vibrating. I think I'll stick to my raspberry ice tea, two sweet n'lows and maybe a shot of blueberry flavor to go with it...if I feel adventurous! 
Thanks for reading! 
What's your favorite part of going to a wedding? 
Make sure to tell me in the comments! 

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  1. Was lovely reading this! And the food looks amazing (I'm always thinking about food haha)
    My favorite part about weddings would probably be seeing my family because I just see them all once a year aka Christmas so when there are weddings or other big celebrations, it's nice to see them again. The food is usually pretty good too and also I just like the fact that everyone looks so happy and like they're having a great time.
    Anna x

    1. Thanks for reading! I'm always thinking about food too! :) x

  2. I love Keats' quote! I'm not particularly fond of weddings, I don't know why. I do like getting ready for the event as you get to wear a special outfit and your hair and make-up look nicer than usual. I also like the dancing and of course the food :)


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