Back in Time in Lincoln

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I feel so lucky every time I sit down to write a blog post about being in England. I really cannot say it enough. Back at the end of January, the entire school took a field trip to the historic town of Lincoln. 

Lincoln England

They split us into groups by last name, which meant the core four was not together this time, but it turned out to be okay and I loved the trip in the end. The first thing that my group was able to do was to explore the town by ourselves. The hills in this town are so steep, but so picturesque and definitely what I had thought England would look like all over. 


Bells Cafe

There were the cutest cafes, and I even stopped to have some hot cocoa at Bells, before the tour group met up again and wandered the castle walls. It's crazy to me, to walk on streets and along castle walls that were used so many years ago. The view of the cathedral was amazing, and I still can't believe how beautiful it was. Even though I was really cold. 

Lincoln England

Historic City


After braving the cold wind that made our cheeks pink, it was time to have some lunch. I was still full from my hot chocolate, and just snacked on a granola bar before I had to leave my friends and go to my next tour of the Cathedral. 

Inside we learned that there was a battle of church and state many times and statues had been destroyed, they also had a few of the first parliamentary meetings in that Cathedral. I loved learning about the history of the place. 

We had to go back out into the cold one more time and go on a tour, the Romans had built a fortress in Lincoln when they were in England. They also have one of the oldest archways that's still in use today in Lincoln. 

Sorry this post was so short, it was a great time in the city that ended with peanut butter fudge and an dark chocolate orange slice (my new favorite sweet). I would definitely recommend visiting Lincoln, it reminded me so much of the towns up north in Wisconsin, minus the castle and massive Cathedral!

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  1. You are living such a wonderful experience, Kenzie!
    I love those little typical English streets full of shops and cafes :)

    1. I am loving every moment of it! Thanks for following along :) x

  2. We had the same trip with the same alphabetical groups when I was there! Glad you're loving every minute!!

    1. Thanks for reading Dani! I am loving it here so far :) x


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