10 Things to do in Edinburgh

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I visited Edinburgh earlier in the year, and absolutely adored it. It's a city that holds some of my favorite memories of travelling with my friends. I'm putting up this list of ten things to do in Edinburgh that you really must while you're there! 


  1. Hike King Arthur's Seat. It will be tough if you're not used to hiking, but I promise you the view is worth it. 

2. Walk the Royal Mile. The street between Edinburgh Castle and Hollyrood castle is gorgeous and has so much going on. 

3. Eat at Oink. If you like BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, go here. It's amazing. 

4.Visit Tom Riddles Grave. A little off the Royal mile is the site, where J.K Rowling found inspiration for "he who shall not be named". 


5.Visit Greyfriar's Bobby (the dog) statue. This little dog's owner passed away and he visited his grave site until he also passed away. Really sad, now people can rub his little nose for good luck!

Dog Statue

6.Walk up to Edinburgh Castle. It's a little bit of a climb if you go through the park (which is gorgeous). The view of the city is amazing. 

Kenzie Kuivanen

7.Visit the market for a fresh snack. I've been living on croissants. 
Almond Croissant

8.Stop by the Elephant House Cafe. JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter here, it's right down the block from the dog statue, and right around the corner from Greyfriar's Graveyard. 
JK Rowling

9. Stop into the Scottish National Art Gallery. There are some pretty cool paintings there, it's also a nice way to catch your breath after walking around the city all day long. 

10. See the REAL Diagon Alley. Edinburgh holds many of the things that inspired the Harry Potter books, including a little alley with a beautiful mural. 

Harry Potter

I loved visiting Scotland and know that I didn't do everything that there si to do in Edinburgh. Which means I will have to come back again someday. Have you been to Edinburgh? What is your favorite thing to do there? 

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  1. Edinburgh is a beautiful and magical city, I just wish they had better weather!


    1. Must be because I'm used to it, but I thought the weather was pretty nice, no rain or snow!


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