April Showers

3:37:00 PM

As I am writing this right now it is currently pouring rain outside. It's been doing this for an entire week now, and I'm starting to feel as though Wisconsin has slightly shifted closer to England? Though, I feel like I shouldn't complain because hey at least it isn't snowing! 
       The weather does make me quite happy that my mom had purchased a pair of rain boots for me! (Let's go jump in all of the puddles now!!).  

(Note this is clearly taken during a sunny day and not this week!)
With the rain comes the nonexistent lay outside in the sun weather, therefore I'm stuck inside. Which is fine and probably good since exams are coming up. I have to admit it is a whole lot easier to focus on hours of tedious and boring homework when the sun is shut away behind the dark gray clouds. I'm realived that I can finally see the end of this semester out on the horizon. It's been filled with what feels like never ending stress and I'm more than eager to get it done with. 

Unfortunatley rain does bring bad news, Sadie and I haven't been able to take our afternoon strolls! But don't worry, she's been making the best of her bottled up energy by running around the house after me and playing with her neon green rabbit, and also sleeping which frankly I wish I could sleep too. 
(Doesn't she just melt your heart? she's in the middle of yawning in the left side picture.)

Maybe if the rain slows down I will try to take her out and see how she gets on with it. 
No I don't mind the rain so much I guess. Besides, I do want to live in England after all. 
I hope where ever you are that the weather has been sunny and warm!
Sorry most of my posts have been about food recently, I just really haven't gone on any adventures but never fear! Second semester is almost up and I've got a few adventures planned out! 


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  1. Hiiiii :)
    I love your rain boots! I want some but I'll have to wait until next fall or winter to get a pair hahah

    Good luck with your exams!! Thanks god the school year is almost over :) My exams are this week and the next one, that's why I'm not writting any posts and I feel bad for it but I need to get good grades so I don't have much time, I just read blogs not write :(

    Your dog is so cute :3 Hope you both can go for a walk soon :))

    Anna xx

    1. Thanks thanks! :) xx You should get a pair! I don't know why I had never had them before! ha and thanks, good luck too! I'm so nervous :( My anxiety is terrible!! And we did get to go on a walk today and yesterday actually! :) xxx

  2. Aw it's okay xx Thank you too! I am so nervous too :( Hope you get better! I know how that feels, I've been struggling with anxiety for so many years...
    Aww that's so good! :) xx


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