One Direction FOUR album Review

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Chances are, whether or not you wanted to, you have heard of One Direction. 
The boy band consists of four British and one Irish lads. Louis, Liam, Zayn, Harry and Niall were all discovered on a British television show called the X Factor, not making it in the individual round, Simon Cowell decided that they would be best suited as a group, therefore forming One Direction.
And that was four years ago. 
Since then, the boys have put out four albums, won countless awards and have multiple number ones in many countries. 

Their latest album is called FOUR. 
Being a fan of the band, I was really excited to pick up this album, as I do have tickets to go to their 2015 tour in August! 
Their sound has changed since their What Makes You Beautiful days, but it's a good change. 
The boys do their part in Co-writing songs with the likes of Ed Sheeran on the great track "18". If you turned on the radio right now you might hear "Steal My Girl" which is a fun upbeat song you can't help but sing along to. 
The deluxe album also holds special tracks fans who bought the regular version won't be able to hear unless they buy it on itunes, such as "Act My Age" which is probably my favorite song right now as it's really fun and makes me want to dance around my kitchen. 
"Stockholm Syndrome" is another one of my favorite tracks, as I just love the vocals in it. 
The entire album in all honesty, is really well done and I cannot wait to hear these songs live in person. They're actually coming to Wisconsin. Finally. 

I do hope you go check it out, look up some of these songs on Youtube if you're not too sure. If you have heard the album or a few songs which ones do you love the most? I'm glad I grabbed it! 


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  1. I heard the album on spotify and yes I'm obsessed with Act My Age, it's a fun song and it seems like you are in an Irish pub or something hahaha (maybe it's just me though idk)
    I'm so happy you are seeing them next year!!!

    Anna x

    1. Exactly! it's such a fun song! I feel the same way, definitely reminds me of Niall ha
      :) xx

  2. I thought Act My Age was a joke when I heard the opening part. Then I fell in love with it. And Fool's Gold. And 18. And NO CONTROL OMG.
    We're going to have an amazing time at our concerts!!


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