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Having been away from home for about 3 weeks, I decided it was time to take a little trip back. Like most university students, I was starting to miss certain things. The comfort of having the lights off at bedtime, wrapping myself up in my own sheets and spreading out in my queen sized bed, not having to wake up at 7am because my roommate makes a lot of noise. Being able to see my best friend. Having homemade food is also extremely nice as well.
 While home, I pack a lot of living into those few hours that I have. This last time was definitely a learning experience for me as my friend's car gave me a huge headache and I spent the entire two hours in silent agony. Nothing could save me. Aside from that, I had a great time home.
 My mom, grandmother and I ventured downtown into a new coffee shop.

Homemade-freshly baked, scones & other bakery things! :) 
I had this Cinnamon Apple Gluten Free scone, it was delicious! 
Also this might have been the second time I had breakfast that day...what can I say? It's so yummy!

I thought this little bus looked adorable. My grandmother and my mom shared this raspberry almond scone! I didn't take a photo of my drink, but it was a chocolate chai tea and it was really good! We sat at the coffee shop in a little corner tucked away talking about all of the exciting things coming up! It seems like I have a lot to do while I'm at school so getting away for a little while is a really nice treat.
Before leaving, my mom and step-dad took me out in our convertible before I had to meet up with my friends and endure the journey back.
 I could tell you all about how stressed I feel, but I won't bore you with those details. Do follow me on twitter, instagram and bloglovin for more fun & updates! I hope you're enjoying the autumn weather!
                                        xx Kenzie
Where is your favorite place to go to breakfast or tea or coffee and who would you/ do you love to go with?

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  1. this looks like such a cute place!! I love Caffe Concerto, their cakes are so good! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

    1. It is really cute! I love cakes! :) ha x thanks for reading!

  2. Whenever I'm away from home family & food are the two things I miss the most! I love coffee places, especially the ones which have homemade pastries.
    The bus is adorable indeed! There's a photographer on IG that uses a bus like that on some of her pics and they are so cute :)

    1. LOVE homemade pastries, even if they're just in a local supermarket I can get totally sidetracked by the baker section! haha x

  3. So nice! Everything looks so yummy. I love one in Barcelona where my grandma and I usually go if the two of us go together to Barcelona :)
    Anna x

  4. I bet you were pleased to be back! All the food looks so yummy! xxx

  5. This look AMAZING :) I am so hungry now hahaha!

    ^^^ My Blog ^^^

    1. I loved their scones, I want to go back every morning! ha! Thanks for visiting! xx


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