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I love food. And you probably know, especially if you follow me on twitter, that I love breakfast. Honestly could eat breakfast all day long. I love going to bed just a bit hungry only to wake up even hungrier for breakfast. I can't really say that I have a favorite place for breakfast or even a favorite breakfast food. It is all just so great.
   With my birthday being the long weekend, I had the chance to go to a new restaurant in downtown Minneapolis, near the University there, called Black Coffee and Waffle Bar. The moment I stepped inside, it smelled incredible.


The morning was rainy, but I was too excited for this waffle place to even care a little bit. 
We glanced over the menu, though I had already picked out what I was getting weeks ago....I told you I was very excited right? 

I ordered an iced chai, which was incredible and the spices in it were amazing. 
Chai tea
It was like a refreshing sip of Christmas (which is the next thing I'm looking forward to). 
This chai also did not make my stomach sour, which was even more reason to enjoy it. 
Coffee art
They also have lattes, this is my Uncles' and I couldn't resist taking a photo of the art. 
After waiting 30 minutes for our waffles, and finding a spot to eat, our group of 8, finally tucked into our waffles. In the time that we were waiting, my mom so kindly took photos of me in front of the big black brick siding they have. This was actually fun because every time we walked back inside, to get out of the rain, the amazing scent of fresh waffles and coffee instantly wrapped us in a nice warm, dry blanket. 
Top: Forever 21 ; Skirt: Forever 21 : Tights: Target

Outfit of the day
Shoes: Target

You probably saw the top one on my instagram. 

While everyone was tucking right into their waffles, I did manage to get a few snaps of them before they were in our bellies!
Almond Butter
(This was mine.) 
I chose the Naughty Waffle, it had strawberries, blueberries, bananas, granola, almond butter, and whipped cream on top!) 

Swiss Waffle
This one is my Uncles', he chose the One Bad Pig Waffle, it had ham and swiss on top of it. 

(I couldn't stop taking pictures of my waffle, it just looked incredible!)


While the waffles had to be waited for, my drink came out right away and that was very nice! I was extremely happy with how everything tasted, and if you are ever in the Minneapolis area, you need to check this place out! (This isn't a sponsored post but it should be.)
They have different varieties of waffles and you can even make your own! 
(Check out the website here!)

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! I had a great one and I can't wait to show you more from it! 
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Leave a comment and tell me your favorite breakfast food!! 
Can't wait to read them all! 

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  1. The Naughty Waffle looks SO delicious! I'm not much of a breakfast eater, but if i'm ever in the Minneapolis area I'll definitely check this place out!

  2. Looks so delicious! Waffles are my guilty pleasure, especially with strawberrys and cream

    Lizzy | by Lizzy x

    1. Mine too! You can make them anyway you want! So it's definitely the place to go! :) xx

  3. Happy Birthday! I am not much of a waffle girl, but those look really good!


    1. Thank you! I don't eat them all of the time! But these were definitely homemade and delicious! xx

  4. Looks yummy! Nice post♥♥

  5. Waffle bar?! Sounds amazing! Great pictures!
    Morgan |

  6. Black Coffee and Waffle Bar sounds absolutely delightful!

    Rae | Love from Berlin


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