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I love food. And I love food shopping. While so many people can spend hours wandering around a Forever 21 or H&M, I really enjoy going up and down the grocery aisles just checking out what's new and seeing different things. When I go shopping for food, which at my University isn't very often since I don't have a very large fridge or shelf space. 
Recently, if you read my post about going plant-based, I've been trying to find good vegan food. While my campus has a wide variety for a salad bar and some vegan snacks, I still was looking for something warm. Something I could just steam in the microwave or heat up. 
Taking advantage of the weather, I hopped over to Target. 
Food Haul

I had eaten lunch already at that point, therefore my shopping cart wasn't full with things I didn't need to buy! (plus I was on a $20 budget). Trying to find things that are vegan isn't very difficult, especially when you only buy what you need. I found so many vegan options: 
Vegan CheeseNatural Butter

ShoppingFake Meat

MushroomsSquirrely Bread
I'm not a big fan of cheese by itself in the first place, so I didn't pick up any Daiya, but knowing that they have it makes me very excited and I do want to try it eventually! Aside from the already vegan products (veggies and fruits and course nut butters(my favorite) and I picked up a few mini packets. Though I already regret not taking a big container anyway. They also had a meat alternatives section and was pleased by the selection! Also I had to get the bread, it practically had my name on it! 

 I picked up their last pack of sweet potatoes and left the store incredibly excited to make dinner!


Maybe it doesn't look immediately pleasing but let me tell you. It tasted amazing and I am definitely going to buy Quinoa burgers (or make my own??) when I get home again! 
Vegan Food Haul

The Quinoa burgers: ARE AMAZING honestly I may never look back after eating these
Tuscan Kale Blend: Delish! Not sure how I like warm Kale though, but still nice. 
Sweet Potatoes: Were probably on sale because it's nearly the end of their season. 
Almond Butter: Delish and I love the little packet
Hazelnut Butter: Basically healthy Nutella. It's delish! 
Peanut Butter: It's PeanutButter. Of course it's delicious. 

I hope you enjoyed this food haul, I love looking at what other people cook up so I hope you do too! Have you ever tried a quinoa burger? Is it easier for you to do food shopping on a full stomach? Are there any posts that you'd like to see coming up about finding vegan alternatives/healthier food options? Let me know in the comments! 
x Kenzie

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  1. I freaking love target! I've been veggie for a while now and am lowkey considering going vegan so now that I know how many good options are at target I might just need to go!! Thanks for the post :)
    Kenzie |

    1. love that someone else loves it too! I love being vegan so far (it's only been two weeks but wow). :) There are so many options I felt like it was Christmas!

  2. Great hall!!

    Hope you have a fabulous day! Kisses,

  3. Sometimes I wish I didn't live in NYC so I could shop at Target more! This post gave me all sorts of fomo! ;)

    Enter my Festival Accessories Giveaway!

    1. There aren't any Target stores in NYC? Honestly they should have a 5 story store there!


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