Christmas Eve Outfit

8:30:00 AM

Hello everyone! I hope you're getting really excited for Christmas now, I have finished up my exams for the semester and decided to share one thing that I cannot wait for and that's to put on my new Christmas jumper for Christmas Eve. Every year my family goes to Church and then to Christmas dinner at my step-grandma's house. This year, I got my top from target and love it. 

It makes me feel so festive and warm! 

Reindeer Sweater

I cannot believe that Christmas is just a few days away and I will finally be able to wear it to the dinner. 

Pullover Christmas

There won't be a new post up on Saturday as it is Christmas Eve, but I will be back with an exciting one a week from today so make sure you stay tuned! I hope you enjoyed this type of post, let me know what you're doing for Christmas in the comments! Merry Christmas!! 
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  1. Love your jumper!!

    x Annabelle
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  2. Very cute sweater. Hope you have a VERY Merry Christmas and looking forward to your posts in the New Year.

    1. THank you for reading! :) Merry Christmas! x


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