Discovering Venice

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Sometimes it's hard to believe all of the places I have visited in the past four months. Venice seems like it was just a dream. There was delicious gelato and amazing pizza slices, gorgeous sunsets and amazing views. 

Sunset Italy
While Venice was a little warmer than England, we still needed to wear light jackets. Our second day in the city, we decided to go to Saint Mark's Basillica. Finding our way through the tight walkways of Venice and over many bridges we finally made it. 


Saint Mark's Basillica is free to the public, if you visit and see a long line, don't be sad! We hardly spent time in the line as it moved pretty quickly. Right behind the Basillica is the Bridge of Sighs. Which I had thought was the Rialto Bridge but it's not. 

Venice Italy


My favorite part from this day, was probably walking around in the afternoon and finding probably the best gelato place that gave giant scoops of the stuff and eating it on the steps in the sun with my besties. It's pretty bittersweet reliving these moments but I hope you're still having fun reading all about them! 

I would also recommend trying out Spritz in Venice if you haven't already! 
I spent my last meal in Venice eating pesto pasta and drinking spritz. Venice was one of my top five favorite weekends from this semester by far. I cannot wait to go back someday! I hope you had fun reading! 
DONT FORGET I moved my blog so all new posts will be going up at after the 21st! 

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  1. Ah Venice! That's one of the most beautiful cities I've ever visited. Did you go to Libreria Acqua Alta? It's a really unique bookshop.

  2. I went to Venice about two years ago and I totally fell in love with the city, so beautiful! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS


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