A curly visitor

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 No I'm not talking about Harry Styles from One Direction coming to Wisconsin on the 28th of August to watch a Packers (his favorite football team) game. I still need to meet him. Yes I'm still slightly salted at the fact that those boys aren't doing a show at Lambeau for their Where We are Stadium Tour.

Moving on...

The other weekend, shortly after Harry had popped up another curly headed guest arrived at my dads house. His name is Jack. He has gray hair, beady eyes and walks on four legs. 

Jack, belongs to my grandmother and he was visiting while she had gone on a trip up north. 

Sadie was not too pleased by his presence in "her" household. 
Once Sadie sat herself in my lap, she would growl everytime poor Jack would walk by. 

My dad and I did take them both on a walk, as I would have felt bad only taking one dog and not the other. 
Jack is much more energetic than Sadie is, and she wasn't too sure what to think of him following her around as she tried to go about her business. 
They were both moving too quick for me to take a proper photo. 
Eventually they did get used to eachother and seperated themselves with no problems the rest of the night. 

I know this post was much shorter than I meant it to be but I haven't blogged about Sadie for awhile, and so I thought I would squeeze this one in! 
I hope you enjoyed it! 
Thanks for reading!
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