Christmas Tree Hunting

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 Every year either a few days or a week after Thanksgiving, my dad, sister and I venture out. 
We dress in our warm outfits and drive a few miles, to a Christmas Tree Farm. 
There are many different ways people get their Christmas trees, you can either pick one up in a store, have a fake tree, or gather one from a parking lot. Where I live, it's pretty common to chop down your own at a Christmas Tree Farm. These farms are family owned, fun places to go and get one of the most important symbols of Christmas time!
 The past few years or so we've been trying out new places, this year was no different and it was just as fun!

Fresh, Christmas trees have the best smell. 
There are always tons of trees to pick from and in any variety! Tall, Round, skinny, can always find your perfect tree. 
The place we had visited this year had such a cute set up! I couldn't help but feel more excited for Christmas than I did the day before. They had little elves, and also a horse drawn sleigh! Though we didn't actually ride it, I did not hesitate to get my picture taken by the horses and give them a little pet. 

 After cutting the tree down, you pay the fee and load it back into the truck to take home and decorate!
Here's our finished product!
I'm not sure whether or not we'll return, but I did have fun and enjoyed the place while we were there getting a tree!

Do you decorate a tree too? Real or synthetic? 
Hope you're getting excited for Christmas! 
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  1. This sounds really exciting!! Wish I could have a real tree haha Love all the pictures, so pretty!

    Anna x

  2. I got to a lot and get a real tree, but they're already cut so we can just load it in the car and go home :)

  3. So amazing that you get to cut down your own tree! I can't wait to do that someday, but for now I'm stuck with the old brown trees in LA :\ Love the end product!


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