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With everyone doing Blogmas, I decided that I would attempt, and I do mean attempt, don't hold me to posting everyday because I just might...not do that but I will try my best to post more often this month! (Maybe three times a week?) 
 My good pal Heidi over at heidis1haven had tagged me in this tag. As it's too late to do the Autumn Tag (sorry Heidi) I thought I would dive right in and do this one. After all, it is Christmas time isn't it? 

1.What is your favorite Christmas Movie?
This was a really difficult choice, as there are hundreds of Christmas movies out there. I think right now, Prancer the 1989 movie about santas reindeer that gets lost and a little girl has to fix him up and basically save Christmas has got to be one of my top choices. 

2. Do you open your Christmas Presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
Depends on where I am. I usually have Christmas Eve dinner at my step-grandmothers house, where we get small gifts, but I still have the joy of getting up on Christmas Day and opening gifts.

3.Do you have a favorite Christmas Memory?
I'm not really sure if I haven't always liked Christmas or what's happened but all of a sudden I really love Christmas. I think this year might be my favorite. But in the past it was when my friends and I did Secret Santa! 

4.What is your favorite festive food?
The Christmas Cookies of course! 

5.What tops your tree?
A star

6.As a kid, what was the one crazy, wild, extravagant gift you asked for but never recieved?
I wanted a pokemon. A real one. Yep I was that kid. I never did get that though...must've gotten lost in the sleigh. 

7.Do you prefer a real tree or synthetic? 
I love the smell of the real trees, though I'm lucky enough to have both.

8.What's your favorite scheme for decorating a tree?
The most important ornaments go on near the end. The ornaments that sparkle the most and the colored bulbs (mostly red ones) go in the inside of the tree. 

9.Giving or Recieving?
Giving. This year I made all of my own presents to give away, so I'm really excited and I hope everyone likes their gifts. 

10.Christmas Day fashion?
Morning? My Christmas pajamas I bought last year, and during the day one of my favorite Christmas time sweaters, or one of the new pieces of clothing I had just bought. 

11.What's your favorite Christmas song?
Like the Christmas movie question, this was quite difficult..and I'm not sure if I actually have one. 
I do like "Do They Know It's Christmas" the one done by the various artists for Band Aid.

12.Christmas Cards or Texts?
Christmas Cards, though everyone in my contacts does get a message, I love getting cards in the mail and I love sending them out. It's the best. 

I tag Anna
and Jenny
to do this tag! 

Are you getting more excited for Christmas now? 

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  1. Thank you for the tag! I loved reading through this, it put me right in the mood for Christmas :) I'll write mine as soon as possible! Jenny x

  2. I totally forgot about Prancer until now omg I love that movie so much!!! Guess I'll have to watch it asap haha And about the pokemon, well I was that kid too! Love the BandAid song as well!
    I feel so bad and I'm so sorry I didn't see this before I did my tag :( But there are really good questions here so I can edit the post and add some of these!!
    Anna x

    1. Ah I'm so glad we're a like! haha :) don't worry about it! I forgot to tell people! Sorry!

  3. Great blogpost :) it'd be nice if you could check out my blog too

    (I have a great winter playlist on it tooo :) xx


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