Summer Daze

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As much as the humidity is absolutely killing me, I really don't want to see this summer roll to an end. With work and my online math class, I feel like I haven't fully enjoyed it. Though the math class will soon end (let's all cross our fingers that I pass it!) I will hopefully have more free time to do what Summer is for. 

Laying out on the deck.
Eating bowls of watermelon.

One sign of mid-summer in my town is the annual balloon festival. I unfortunately haven't been able to attend the last few years as I have always been out of town, but this year I was able to! 

The balloon festival brings in about half of my towns population (so about 1500). It's held in a massive field, and as soon as you walk inside you're greeted with a large handful of food choices, a petting zoo, and colorful balloons ready to pop up into the sky. 
The main food that is eaten here is called pulled pork. It's delicious, and covered in barbecue sauce, this year I tried a side of homemade cornbread from one of the stands. I only ate half of it, as it was a massive piece, but it was delicious!!! 

The lines are very long, but worth the wait in my opinion. Sometimes the people standing in the queue with you even join in conversation, while we watch the balloons take off. 
This year, while waiting in line, my dad and my sister popped out to grab some cheese curds. They were delicious! 

A few of the balloons flew over while we waited for our turn in line and then found a table to eat dinner at. 
Though it's only a once a year deal, it's still fun to go and see the balloons as I have been doing since I was young! 
After eating, while my dad and his girlfriend went into the beer tent, my sister and I walked a few blocks over to my grandparents house where we were going to watch fireworks from their driveway. It's always worked out, you get a nice view of the fireworks, do a bit of people watching, and not get lost in a large crowd. 

And as far as firework shots go, I think I did pretty well! These are my favorite ones! 

Have you gone to any festivals lately? Do you plan to? I really want to go to a music festival at some point in my life! Those always look like fun! 
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  1. I haven't been on any festivals myself lately, but I do plan to go on some, soon.
    The fireworks looks absolutely amazing and it sounds like you had a wonderful time.
    Thank you for sharing this ♥

  2. Wow this is amazing! You always have so many cool things happening there haha I've never seen something like this near me, probably there is but it'd require car trips and I don't know how to drive...Anyways, I loved this, and the firework pictures are great! I actually went to the town next to mine annual festival a few weeks ago and there were fireworks on the beach but most of my pictures were blurry ahah Still I had a good time because it was one of my friends' birthday and we ate cake!!
    And next week actually (kind of last minute decision) my family and I are going to Andorra to see Cirque Du Soleil because it's free! But we're staying for the weekend just so we can enjoy the time there. I'm so excited for that.
    Oh and good luck with your maths class!!
    Anna x


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