Thrift Shopping & Trip to the Zoo

5:30:00 AM

I don't know about you, but so far this Summer has been flying by! There are days where I wish there were no time limits as there is so much to do! 
 Recently, a large garage sale was set up in my neighborhood, people set out tables and invited people from the surrounding area to come and pick through their things. Hoping one persons junk was another's treasure. 

I thought the old type writer was pretty neat! 

 My step dad and I picked up an ABBA record for my mom and I got a small green glass piece for my grandma!  We hopped from house to house, sale to sale, for about two hours before heading home. 
 A few days later, my dad took my sister and I on a day trip over to GreenBay, Wisconsin. I've been wanting to go to the zoo there for awhile, and we finally all had off and decided to go! We met my grandmother and her husband there and walked around the zoo admiring the animals. Unfortunately, I had packed my nice camera, ready to take really nice pictures of the animals was dead. I thought I had charged the batteries but ah well, I still took quite a bit via my Iphone anyway! 

This guy greeted us as soon as we walked into the zoo. 
Of course the goats were wondering if we had food, which sadly, we did not! 
Watching the penguins was exciting, as they were all swimming and this guy wanted to follow everybody's hands from one side of the glass to the other. 

The otters and racoons were all very friendly towards the guests, doing tricks and probably looking for hand-outs as well! We didn't give them any! 
The porcupine was waiting for his lunch patiently than the others though. 
I did get to see my favorite animal, an owl! 
I do wish the sun wasn't hidden behind the clouds, I feel like the peacocks colors could have been so brilliant! Nonetheless, it was really cool seeing him open up and show his beautiful feathers!
After spotting other animals, such as baby Fawns, Moose, petting a snake, monkeys, bears and wolves, we left to eat at my favorite restaurant in Green Bay. It's called Titletown Brewery! It's in the same building as an old train depot, they make homemade root beer and bread! I ordered the Turkey Cranberry melt on Zucchini bread and it was amazing! I took some home and had the rest for lunch the next day! 

To end the day, we stopped for some sweets at a chocolate shop nearby. My grandmother picked up some dark chocolate and my dad picked up some peanut brittle! It was very good. 
I love going on summer trips, even if they are only a day long. 
LOTS has been going on lately, and I hope I have time for a few more trips yet! 
 What would your dream day trip would be like??
Thanks for reading! 

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  1. That garage sale thing sounds really interesting, wish we did that here! The type writer is beautiful.
    Oh the zoo I love it, all the animals look supercute! I love going here as well and it's always fun :) Might have to convince someone to go with me this summer, I mean there's always discounts so I'm sure someone will want to come hahaha
    I really enjoy daytrips as well, like you can go to a town near by and go to the beach or the mountain and visit some new places :)
    And also I agree, this summer is flying by so faaast! Like already mid-July?? No please haha
    Anna x

    1. It's always fun! Though I feel sort of out of place because of all the kids running around but hey, you can never be too old for the zoo! x


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