Album Review: Made in the A.M

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They've really done it this time. It's an entirely different sound, yet their voices are still the same but grown up. If you read my post about their concert (I'm still not over it). I wasn't going to write an album review, but I really really enjoyed this one and I know some people think "oh One Direction, how childish" They might have young fans, but who cares? If the music makes you feel good, makes you smile then why not just love it then? 

While many fans had pre-ordered the album via Itunes, I still chose the old fashioned route and went out to the store to buy the hard copy. I got done with classes, hurried to my car and into my local Super Target (the thing is literally a mini shopping mall I love it.) I hurried back out to my car and tore off the packaging and popped the orange cd into the player. I immediately loved it and I cannot wait to be driving that two hour car journey home with these songs on repeat. This album has songs for everyone in all honesty, and I've come up with a list, in case you want to have a listen. 

For Fun. If you're looking for a fun road-trip type song, they've got you covered. 
  Drag Me Down, Perfect, Infinity, End of the Day, Never Enough, Olivia, History, Wolves and What a Feeling are just a few that will help lift your mood and do the "nobody can see me" car dance. Just, be safe. 

For Working Out. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like Drag Me Down, Perfect, Temporary Fix and A.M are songs I could definitely speed-walk to in the sunshine. (Who runs?) 

For Being Sad. There aren't many songs in general that have made me full on cry, but they've done it again. I cried during Little Things on their Take Me Home Album circa 2012 and I cried during Walking in The Wind. Though personally, it was probably because it reminds me of my dog who I still miss a lot. Other songs that are good for wallowing in that sad feeling are Love You Goodbye, I want to Write You A Song and Long Way Down. 

This album is probably my favorite (until their next one comes out), but they've worked really hard on this one and it well paid off. As a fan, I know that the break they're about to go on after they promote their album is well deserved. Five years of touring and never being home. Can you imagine? 
 So thanks boys, for sharing everything you have thus far and I personally cannot wait to see what they're going to do next. Let's just stay out of trouble as much as we can yea? x 

What are your thoughts on the album? Have you heard it? Any favorite songs? Mine seem to change everyday! If you want to read my last review of their album it's right here! 
Can't wait to read all of your comments! 

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  1. Good read Kenzie.Love ya. Gramma

  2. Love these guys! Thanks for the album review ♥

  3. LOVE THE WHOLE ALBUM!! I'm so sad they're taking a break but kind of excited to see what they will be doing :) this album is all I listen to lately! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

    1. I love listening to it whenever I can! :) I'm excited to see what they'll do too! Thanks for reading! xx

  4. I have a weird 'relationship' and 'story' with One Direction and of all their previous albums I probably just really really liked 2-5 songs but this one was so good and I love it. I loved that you put them in a list :)
    Anna x

  5. Okay so I've never been a One Direction fan but they got me with "Perfect" my little heart just fell in love with it hahahaha DAMN IT ;) "If the music makes you feel good, makes you smile then why not just love it then?" You know it girlfriend! ;)

  6. love the album so much! I do agree that Long Way Down just puts you in a sad mood.. I LOVE Love You Goodbye so much! Oh my gosh, it's such a beautiful song :)

    Arianne | Ayre

    1. Me too! I think my favorite songs have changed throughout the day as I listen to them! Whatever one pops into my head as I walk in between classes is usually it! :) Thanks so much for reading !xx


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