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This is the first year I'm away from home for a Christmas holiday, which means it's the first year I get to decorate my very own small space! Like many of you, I love this time of year. Maybe it's the excitement of the upcoming month-long break from classes and spending time watching Christmas films in the living room with my mom and baking Christmas cookies, but decorating is always the number one step in getting into the holiday mood.

The dormitory I'm living in this year doesn't allow for very much space to put things. When I thought of what I wanted to bring back to the room to decorate with, I knew I had to keep it small and that I'd be taking most of it down anyway three weeks after Thanksgiving when I went home for Christmas break! Here are some of what I used to make my dorm room more homey and cozy for the holidays! 
When a person walks into my room, this is one of the first things to greet them. Who doesn't love cute holiday themed owls? My mom surprised me with this when I was home for Thanksgiving and I was so glad to put it out in my room! While putting this blog post together, I thought I would offer up some tips for those who are looking to decorate in their own small spaces! 

1. Use Command Hanging Strips: These came in really handy when I went about hanging my snowman who waves people in and my dream catcher that hangs on the wall beside my bed. 
 I also used command hanging strips to hang the two stockings above my futon!

2. Small Details are better than no details. Even though I was really limited on space, I still made room for my little wooden Santa and my stuffed snowman to sit upon my futon. Once these guys were out, I started feeling a bit more festive. The red blanket was just a bonus, that's always out! And using small decorations really helps you make use of otherwise plan, boring walls or shelves!

3. Every room needs a little sparkle. It's Christmastime, and without any ornaments or ribbons, my room still needed a little sparkle, something aside from everything else that made me smile. That's where this little light-up snowman came from! It's from Target, and my mom gave it to me as a little present! His little hat and scarf are so cute! 
4.Where's the tree? Christmas cannot be Christmas without a tree right? You can always check with your parents if you have a small tree somewhere in a bin like mine had, and they actually had two. I made use of one of them and it sits in the middle of our desks. It hasn't got any ornaments on it, but I think it looks great the way it is. 

Even though there might not be as many decorations in my room as at home, these all make me feel like I'm actually in the Christmas spirit and soon enough I will be lounging around at home drinking my hot chocolate in front of the fireplace and watching countless cheesy Christmas films, snacking on delicious Christmas goodies for an entire month. I cannot wait. 

I hope you all are having a great time counting down to Christmas! What do you do to decorate your places? What is your favorite holiday decoration? Any favorite ornaments on the tree?
 See you next time and thanks for reading! xx Kenzie

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  1. I absolutely love the owl themed welcome mat! I can only imagine how difficult it must be to decorate a dorm room, but you've done pretty well!! I must agree with the command strips; they are life savers! Especially if you're not allowed to drill holes in the wall. However, I found that they can't hold much weight, so be careful if you plan on hanging any lights!

    I have my own room decor post going up soon so watch out for that! Xx

    1. Thanks so much! It was fun tho pulling the decorations from the bags instead of plain regular things! :) x

  2. I love your small tree! It's so quaint and lovely. I definitely agree every room needs some sparkle, and for me the small details are even nicer than the big decorations!

    Kosta // Cool Gear Cavalier


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