Holiday Brunching

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While my first semester of my junior year of college appears in the horizon, I broke out from under the pile of essays and projects that are all due at various times throughout this week and decided to go Christmas shopping.
 There is just something nice about shopping for someone and watching them wonder what it is you could have gotten them! I love it. The day was beautiful, (a bit out of the ordinary for December). The sun was shining, and there still hasn't been snow. It's fantastic. I bought so many gifts, my wallet has never felt thinner.

Wrapping Paper
I definitely was shopping on a budget, and thought I would share a few tips and tricks with you guys! 
  1. DIY gifts are great. If you can find something around your house, or something for under $10 at the craft store, then you are on it. I did something simple last year for Christmas, and being away from home I was a bit nervous that I wouldn't get to put something together. But I have!
  2. Dollar sections should be your first stop. I had to walk past a whole slew of really great looking gifts on shelves, until I came to the dollar section in my local Target. They're holiday themed, and a lot of the things can be add-ons for those co-workers or friends or even family members
  3. Remind yourself. While in Target, there were also small children in the dollar section who were grabbing gifts they wanted to play with. The mother spoke up saying "We're buying for others, not ourselves." I thought this was a good reminder, and I walked away from the nice stickers. 
  4. Bring a friend. If you're as indecisive as I am, it's probably a really good idea to bring a pal that can give you some good ideas for gifts and remind you what you have yet to shop for and what you already have. 
I finished up my shopping, feeling a bit hungry and went to one of my absolute favorite restaurants with my friend for brunch. Who doesn't want made-from-scratch waffles? The meal started out with a chai tea for myself, and a cup of hot chocolate for her, that seemed to almost be taking breaths. 
Chai LatteWaffles and Bacon
The last time I ate at this particular shop, I ordered way more than I needed, so I kept it at one waffle and 3 slices of bacon. It was delicious, and a perfect ending to a day out in the beautiful weather.
When I got back to my dorm room, I was so excited to start wrapping my Christmas gifts that I bought. I bought the gold wrapping paper from the dollar store, and it's lovely! I have more wrapping paper than presents, but that's alright. I got really into it, listening to holiday music and didn't even mind the fact that I had not even 2 minutes in, gotten a paper-cut.  
Christmas basket

I'm looking at all of the gifts that sit in bags on the floor of my dorm and excitement starts to build within me. I can't wait to see everything under the tree, relax with a cup of tea or dark hot chocolate when I get home, and be done writing these essays! I should get back to that. 
If your exams are coming up, good luck! I hope you do well! I have two next week Thursday then I'm free! 
 Have you done all of your Christmas shopping? Written any cards? (those are all done too!) I hope you're getting excited!  
 See you next time! 

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  1. Wow. Those are really good gift ideas. It's great to know that people like you do make time from their busy lives to give some Christmas spirit. Last year we made DIY decorations and it was beautiful.
    The Posh Chic

    1. I love it so much! DIY is so fun! :) Thanks for reading!

  2. The dollar spot at Target is my go-to place! They have such great things there for great prices how is a girl to resist! I'm ALMOST done my shopping! Just a bit more left! I always find it relaxing to shop for other people:) These were really great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

    Shannon Sage

    1. Ah good luck on your shopping, I hope it all goes well! Thank YOU for reading! :) x

  3. I love this! The food looks yummy and great tips ;)

  4. Loved the post! Keep up the good work :-)

    <3: Jasmin N |

    1. I haven't done my holiday shopping this year late, I'm running late! I do enjoy shopping for others too. Hoewever, I need to remind myself that I don't have to look for things that I'd like for myself but for the other person!

    2. jasmin-Thanks so much! :)
      Cristina- I'm the same way, except I love shopping early like my mom does! I always see things in the store and I'm like "ooo that'd be cute in my room!" haha :) x

  5. I agree dollar stores/ dollar sections can be really handy for gift... or even just cute wrapping supplies! Good luck with your school work!


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