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Eat Clean

While there are many New Years resolutions that have been made by us all, eating healthier is one of the most popular ones. I will admit that I am not a health expert, or a nutritionist. I am solely doing this for myself, and to share recipes as I discover them with all of you guys! That's why I have started this series! You can find it in the health bits section of my "Bits of Life" tab!
As I swap those leftover Christmas treats for veggies and fruits, a lot of people might be asking Why?
A simple answer would be: I feel like I was constantly shoveling food into my face for the past 3 weeks, and now I want to cleanse my body. Maybe there are a few more answers that can be explored.

Why are you changing the way you eat? 
Personally, to feel better. I was eating bags of trail mix in less than 7 days. I'm talking big bags. As well as cookies and chocolates by the handful in short amounts of time and I felt awful. My face would break out with how much processed foods and sugars I was taking in. I want to stop feeling disgusting when I wake up and as superficial as it may sound...I reallly want to love myself when I wake up.

How are you changing the way you eat? 
I'm cutting out processed sugars and foods and switching over to natural sugars like fruits and veggies. No more reeses peanut butter cups and pizza for me.

What does clean eating mean? 
Clean eating means no processed foods, things that aren't from nature. The only processed food I'll be putting into my body is processed by the sun

While these three questions might even be ones you hear, here's one that I've heard already.

Why are you dieting? You don't need to go on a diet. 
It's not really a diet, more of a lifestyle change. I want to have more energy that lasts throughout the day as opposed to being tired at one in the afternoon. I don't have the metabolism of a skinny 8 year old anymore, I have to help my body be in shape nobody else is going to do it for me.

Another question you or someone you know, might have about changing to a new diet plan is how. 

How are you going to change your eating?
Firstly, by researching. Being on the internet seems natural to me and why not use it to help me sift out what foods I should and should not eat. Here are some tips I've read so far!

  1.  Clear your kitchen: This will help you not eat those processed foods. I know, I have to go to my dorm room and clear that out. Here's hoping my neighbors will be happy with free food. 
  2. Plan: So far this is the most fun, at least for me, having a meal plan throughout the week is a good idea to know what you need to get at the grocery store for the week coming up.

While eating clean or healthier may not be for everyone, I hope that you can still enjoy some of the recipes that I've got coming up for you! I've even discovered some sweeter clean-eating treats as well that I really want to try out! Have you done clean eating before or are you doing it now?

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  1. You don't even know how helpful these kind of posts are to me.I can not wait for your recipes!I decided to eat clean as well.I have really bad acne and all the sugar is making it even worse.I am trying to cut out dairy as well.I heard green juices are amazing for cleansing your body so I'm trying it out too.It's very hard for me because my family doesn't really eat super perfectly and bare in mind I'm 15 so I don't really cook for myself.But I am trying as much as I can to eat fruit and veggies every day and I write everything down as well!Anyways,great post!xx

    1. Aw this made my heart smile, if you have any questions ever just email me or tweet me! I might have a few smoothie recipes that you can try out! Good for you for being healthy! Thanks for commenting and reading! xxx

  2. Great post! I'm trying to eat better, it's difficult but I need it to feel better. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I am actually eating clean too as well, which I usually do
    after the holidays. It's been a week now for me and I'm happy!
    Still continue doing it because I can feel my body is feeling
    more energetic and healthier. My craving for bad food also
    have reduced c: xx ice pandora


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