Biltmore Estate

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I love looking at beautiful landscape, big homes and thinking about the history behind it. While I was in Asheville, we visited the Biltmore Estate. The estate was built by the Vanderbilts and is surrounded with beautiful gardens and distant mountains. It is so beautiful. 

Biltmore Estate

Our first walk around the estate was in the gardens, as it was supposed to rain that day. 


Biltmore Estate


The estate is also home to a few trails, we took one and had a great time looking at the bridges, waterfalls and a little gazebo on the pond. 

We even spotted a mommy and a duckling! 

The gardens were full of beauty, and as we made our way through them in the humidity and sun, we decided it would be best to tour the inside of the mansion at the hottest part of the day. I took a few photos inside as well! 

Can you imagine living here? With these views all around? That would be amazing! 

There were many films that took place here, they were listed throughout the estate and costumes and photos were lined in almost every room. 

The Biltmore was absolutely beautiful, and I am really glad that we were able to see it and that the rain held off until late at night. If you're ever passing by Asheville, North Carolina, I would definitely suggest going here! The tour does cost money, but it is really worth it! 
I hope you're all having a great week so far! 
Tips for Visiting the Biltmore:
Pack Comfy Shoes
You can do a self-guided tour of the estate (which we did) at any time in the low season, but you have to pick a time that you will be there in the high season (around the 2nd week of June)
Audio Guide Tours are $10.98 per person
There is a rooftop tour that looks really cool and that's $19 a person! 

For more info on prices and things to do and where to stay at the Biltmore visit 

I cannot wait to tell you more about my travels! I hope you're enjoying them! 
x Kenzie 

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  1. Gosh, the Baltimore estate is beautiful. Wow, it just leaves me in awe. I'd love to leave there, I'd feel like a duchess <3

    xx Bash |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

    1. It would be amazing to wake up in that place everyday!

  2. This is so beautiful!! Would love to go there and visit it someday :)

    Anna x

  3. Oh wow, some truly great shots- I especially love the ones of the bridge and it's reflection. So atmospheric <3

    // xx

  4. Wonderful photos :D The architecture is like from the fairytales ^^

    1. It was really breathtaking! Thanks for reading!

  5. wow it looks so beautiful there!

    danielle | avec danielle

  6. What a beautiful place! I also like to look at old buildings and imagine what went one behind their walls years ago. I've always been fascinated by ruins for the same reason as well. That's probably why my favorite type of book is the historical novel :)


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