Brewing in the Mountains

7:30:00 AM

I love exploring. (You probably guessed that). I love tagging along just to see what something is like. Being in different places means there are a lot of different things to see, my step-dad really loves breweries. I tagged along (mostly because I didn't want to just sit in the hotel room). 

There are so many breweries in Asheville, but they are all fun, and most of them are dog friendly! Our first stop in the search for stickers (which is the main reason we even went out into the rain), was at a brewery hidden off the street. There was the cutest puppy there and I couldn't resist giving it a little pet! 

Everyone working at the breweries was really nice, each one had a unique inside. 



I don't mind going into the breweries, sometimes I ordered a sweet tea, but I really just wanted the experience of the town rather than the experience of sitting inside a hotel room. 
Where are your favorite places to go for a drink? Do you have a favorite brewery near you? 
I hope you don't get stuck in the rain! 
Have a great week! 
x Kenzie

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  1. I've been to a few breweries but some of them offer mostly beer so it's hard for those who want to drink something else (that means me ;)). I prefer regular pubs or bars instead.

    1. True, I'm not a beer drinker but it's fun to go!

  2. I love craft breweries, they usually have unique names and are fun to go too!


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