Reliving Italy

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Almost two summers ago (it’ll be officially two in July) I took a trip to Italy with my family for my grandparents anniversary. We ate real Italian food! Pasta, Lasagna, Pizza, Gnocchi you name it, we probably at it! I loved the Italian food, I can remember almost every restaurant we visited. The first thing we ate was pizza. That was incredible and I’m still craving some all the way back here in the states.

 It’s been almost two years since then and I do still keep reliving the experience. How could you even try to forget it? The other night I went out to dinner with my dad at the Olive Garden. If you don’t know what the Olive Garden is, it’s an Italian Restaurant decorated to give you a feel as though you’re really in Italy. Though their food obviously isn’t as good as the real life Italians do it over in Italy, it’s still pretty good.

  I’ve never had a bad experience at the Olive Garden, though once a waiter did drop a cheese grater on the table. Cheese went flying, I’m pretty sure it was his first day. Poor guy. Anyway, the waiters and waitress and hostess are so nice when you walk in. Sometimes there’s a wait, depending on when you go. We sat down and ordered our food. I got the usual, the chicken and gnocchi soup and cheese ravioli. I usually get the cheese ravioli with meat sauce or just plain sauce but this time I wanted to try it with Alfredo! I've had Alfredo sauce before, just not on ravioli so I was excited to try it out. I stuck with water as my drink.
 The bread sticks arrived along with my soup and my dads salad. The bread sticks come warm and delicious. The soup isn't quite the same as the Gnocchi soup I had while sitting in a restraint across from the roman coliseum but it’s close. The waitress sprinkles some cheese on it, though sometimes I feel strange having so much cheese on it but I love cheese on things. I won’t eat it plain though, isn’t that weird? 


Anyway, after eating the soup and bread sticks the main courses arrived. The portions are huge. If you have never eaten at the Olive Garden you wouldn't know, but I’m telling you..they’re massive! I have never been able to finish an entire plate by myself. I think in order to do that I would have to eat a really early breakfast and skip lunch in order to have dinner at 6:30 pm. I was pleasantly surprised that the ravioli was just as good with the Alfredo sauce as with any other sauce. 

I’m not someone who over eats just because there is food in front of me. I have a limit, which I guess is good right? I just hate feeling so full that I can’t move. We were asked if we wanted dessert but had to decline because we were so full. I have had their dessert before though, it’s just as good as everything else!
 When the check comes they also bring you a little chocolate mint.

Have you ever been to Olive Garden? What’s your favorite dish? If you haven’t been there do you have a favorite Italian food? 
  This post really made me miss Italy and now I can’t wait to go back! Hopefully sooner than later!
Also I fell in LOVE with these little lemon drop like things and I don't know what they're called but they look like this and if you know what they are can you tell me? I think they're like Limoncello or something i don't know! 


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  1. Now this made me want to go to an Italian restaurant haha!! I miss 'real' Italian food too, I want to go back! It's been 2 years since I went to Italy :( ((Ok I need to go study))
    Anna xx

    1. In the future we can meet up in Italy and eat all of the Italian food we want!! :) x

    2. Deal!! That's a perfect plan! :) xx


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