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     I usually don't stumble upon new things in my hometown. At least not anything recently, putting aside the fact that I haven't been out since practically December because of the extremely long and cold Winter. That is, until last Sunday...

  It had been warm and sunny all weekend. Almost fifty degrees! Which is great for this time of year. I pulled on my new rain boots, I'll include them in a post later on! The sun felt so nice on my face and the snow was melting, making that lovely spring sound as it went down the gutter drain in the street. The birds were chirping and the geese were returning from the south. I was walking through puddles with confidence wearing my new boots while Sadie happily walked beside me sniffing all the scents. As we walked, we came across a short dark brown wooden box. From afar it looked like a wooden mail box, which totally would not have been weird if the mail boxes in town weren't attached to people's houses. As we got closer, I saw that it was a Little Library. I had recently heard about these last summer or last fall but I had never seen one in person. It was really cute! The concept is simple;
   You bring a book you've either recently finished or just haven't read for awhile and put it into the box. Then you take a different book. It's like a book swap. You can do this however many times you would like! And it's free! Which is great...I mean who doesn't like free things right?  At the time, I didn't have any books with me so I couldn't do an exchange, but I thought it was so col! I'll probably stop by the next time I pass by or this Summer and if I remember to bring a book. I do really want to see what books there are. I haven't read in awhile and I'm hoping to this summer, as I will probably have more time! Whenever I do read, I feel myself become the character and I get so connected and into the story sometimes. When that happens it's obviously a really great book! I did just finish reading The Fault in Our Stars by John Green this past fall and it was amazing! Definitely my favorite book this year hands down. The story line was just amazing and the characters were brilliant! If you haven't read it you really need to. If you have read it, how did you like it? I'm so excited for the movie!
   Here's what a Little Library looks like: 

As we walked along, I kept thinking about the Little Free Library and decided once I got home to do some research. I found out that these things are set up all over the world! If you want to know where some are near you go to this link! I discovered that there are four in my town! It was also created in Wisconsin, which I think is pretty cool since I do live here! Since I'll be traveling in the future I think I'll try to remember that these are around and try to find them and exchange as I go. 

How many are in your town or near you? Have you ever done an exchange before? Which book would you hope would be in a Little Free Library?
Also would you recommend any books you're reading right now? I'm also up for some suggestions! 

Hope you enjoyed this post! See you next time! 

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  1. Such a good idea, I wish they had things like this in my town :)


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