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11:30:00 AM

First college spring break? How did I spend it? 
 Not like the movies, I'll tell you that.
 In the movies, they always portray college students going somewhere south to a warm beach and partying and all of that, which was not what I was doing. ( I don't really party anyway? ) I actually didn't go anywhere for my Spring Break, even though my urge to just book a flight to Orlando for the YouTube Convention Play List Live was one to fight. I'm usually lucky enough to escape the colder weather of Wisconsin every year but this year I stayed home. Only because my sister and I have two different Spring Break weeks as she's in High school and well I'm in college. I wasn't disappointed though, I liked having the down time to wear sweatpants all day long and hang out with Sadie. We walked every day, coming home to having to give her a bath as the roads are really sandy and wet because THE SNOW IS FINALLY MELTING I THOUGHT WINTER WOULD NEVER END!!!!! I did watch a lot of shows I had been meaning to catch up on and even baked some cookies which I posted on and you can read it here if you haven't already! 

 I was a little disappointed by the people I call my friends because it seemed like nobody wanted to get together. But I didn't dwell on that too much, as I drank tea and wrapped myself burrito style in a big fluffy blanket. I did get a few bits of shopping done as I was looking for a pair of rain boots/wellies whatever you want to call them and a skater skirt. I also finished a book that I've had since this past summer called Oh My Stars and it was really good! It was kind of slow at some parts but I did enjoy getting to sit down and actually read it and relax. 
 I hope you all have had/are going to have a great Spring Break! Where are you going? Anywhere exciting? I of course took tons of Sadie pictures and did spend some time watching my favorite youtubers. Since I don't like not having a picture on my blog post here are some I took! 

Clearly, tired from the days events

She lays around a lot but it's SO CUTE I JUST WANT TO SQUISH HER. 

How cute is this one though? 

I had told her we were going for a walk! Which reminds me, we tried out a different route this past Spring Break week when I went to my dads house, because it was sunny out and somewhat warmish? Sadie wanted to go further than normal plus I didn't think it would be too nice to walk on the trail we've been walking on, the one that's accessible by snowbank because of the melting snow. I would probably have fallen in too many times. 

Then I saw an icicle on a tree branch and attempted to be artsy. 

This is our daily, every morning cuddle session right after breakfast! I had stopped petting her to get this picture and she gave me this look!

I read somewhere that dogs stick out their tongues because they get overheated, so I guess she was trying to cool down. I just think it's so cute when she does it. 
I hope you enjoyed this post! I enjoy putting these all together for you! 
Please leave a comment if you have any questions or feel free to send me an email or tweet or instagram dm or something! 

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  1. Hiiii :) Sounds like you had fun! My holidays start on Friday and I can't wait :)
    I'll stay home too, you know: watching movies, tv shows, youtubers, reading, walking with the dog, blogging and wearing sweatpants and leggings everyday :')
    Love that you love youtubers too yaaaay :3
    Hope you had a nice weekend :) xx

    1. Yes! Ha glad I'm not the only one who stays home and does that stuff! :) Who are your favorite youtubers? I basically like the british group and the shaytards and ctfxc but I kind of just started getting into liking that stuff so yea ha
      I hope you had a really nice weekend too!! :)
      p.s thanks for being the only person to comment I love you. haha xxx

    2. Hahah yeah you're not the only one :) Ok this is going to be long haha I don't think I have favorites I just love them all loads and I watch way to many so maybe I forget some but: the british ones (Zoe, Joe, Alfie, Tanya, Jim, Marcus, Niomi, Louise, Dan, Phil, Carrie), Caspar Lee, Troye Sivan, Tyler Oakley, Bethany Mota, Meredith, Joey Graceffa (tho not everyday), Connor Franta (I love him so so much, he's like my crush lol, he was one of the first youtubers I started to watch a few years ago), Ricky Dillon, Kian Lawley, JcCaylen (these 4 last ones are in O2L with 2 others but I just don't watch the other 2 :/) now I'm probably missing someone but yeah haha and I know about the shaytards too but I don't watch their videos regularly :/
      And that's me going crazy about youtubers ;)
      I spent the weekend studying bc 2 exams this week but it was sunny so it was perfect bc I studied in the sun :))
      Aw it's okay I love you too xxx


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