Saving A Life

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I had actually planned on posting about this a few weeks ago but I had other posts to do that were already scheduled so I kind of forgot about it. Oops!

In the beginning of July, after a morning of reading other blogs and relaxing my sister had come upstairs; she lives in the basement of the house, to tell me that a baby bunny had fallen into the window well. I hurried downstairs to see the thing. It was so cute! It looked so scared too, but it was cowering by the window. 
Imagine being an animal, happily going about your business then BAM just like that, you're stuck in a big hole with no way out. 
 Look how cute it was! 
It was around noon and our parents wouldn't be home for hours.
The poor little guy was going to have to wait until then to be freed back into the wild!
My first thought was "but how can I free it myself?"
Open the window and unleash it unto my sisters room? Maybe not. 
But I did remember that I had an empty box upstairs in my bedroom and 
I went to grab it. 
I asked my sister to come outside with me, since I was a little wary of the ladder 
that lead down to the well. It's really small! 
I climbed down first and my sister handed me the box, carefully I scooped the little guy
into the box. For some reason on the way into the well my sister had asked what we should name it, her idea was "Bob". I just shook my head. What a unique name. I decided to name it Frank Sinatra and she had agreed. 
I lifted the box with the bunny inside, handing it up to her so I could climb out. Once out, I noticed Sadie curiously sat in the grass watching the whole thing unfold. I carried 
the box to the little bit of woods that we have in the back yard and attempted to release Frank. 
Look at that little face!!

I opened the box slowly, and tipped it towards the woods, but Frank did not want to leave. 
He seemed pretty content to just sit in the box for a few minutes. Letting us take pictures of him as we waited for him to hop away. 
After waiting for a while (and being swarmed by mosquitoes) Frank finally discovered that yes, he wasn't in the well any longer and hopped away.

I'm pretty sure Frank might be living under the shed in our back yard, but lately there have been no baby bunnies in the well anymore. Hopefully he learned his lesson! If another does fall down, it'll be called Thumper, after that little one in Bambi. 

Have you ever had to free an animal before? 
It was actually pretty fun, and now I have a great story to tell! 
Thanks for reading! 
See you next time! 
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  1. HE'S ADORABLE. OH MY GOSH. I've never saved an animal. I want a bunny!
    Summer Blogger Freebie!

  2. Awesome story Kenzie! Keep this in your archives so one day you can write a children's book about it!

    Auntie Sandy


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