Sunrise and the Ocean

7:00:00 AM

Cold weather mornings have started to come back, and yet here I am still talking about my trip I took this past Summer in June. I haven't even started talking about everything I loved in Kiawah, South Carolina.

One of my favorite activities that we did, was get up early and go walking on the beach. The sun was always beautiful, and the ocean was still far out from shore. A tropical storm had blown through Florida, which is just down the coast from South Carolina, and brought up some pretty cool sea creatures onto our shore. 

Washed Up

South Carolina


Kiawah Island

Sea Salt

Shrimp Boat

These boats were out all day long, but in the morning they were close to the shore and we could see them!

One of the oldest creatures in the Horseshoe Crab, they look like army helmets, are not harmful to humans and wash up on shore to lay their eggs! 

They were all over the beach in the morning, and sometimes we would see them when we walked on the beach later in the day. There was one morning when we saw one lone dolphin gliding among the waves quite close to shore. I was always the one to spot the dolphins on this trip! 

Honestly, my favorite part of the entire trip was leaving my phone behind and relying on my nice camera for photos and turning everything off for the two weeks that I was there. Honestly, wish I could do that again soon. (Maybe for Christmas time, after exams?!) 
I hope you all are having a great October! 
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  1. I love this image. Good capture!
    Good vibes, FOX
    check out my blog and my latest VLOG

  2. Awesome photos! You found some pretty cool things. I always love going to the beach!

    x Annabelle

  3. Wow that looks so calm and beautiful. Nothing like the ocean, am I right?

    Love, Kerstin

    1. I am all about the ocean sunburns and all ;)


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