Spring Favorites (Shoe Edition)

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My Spring favorites isn't really all that different in regards to clothing, but it does give me the chance to wear anything on my feet besides snow boots. I know I can wear some of these during the Winter but I would rather be warm in my boots than have cold toes. Plus, the boots make sure I don't fall and break a bone or something. 

I had been searching for a pair of wedges like these for so long last year! They really go well with any outfit. You can wear them with a skirt or a dress or even skinny jeans. I find that wedges are less painful than heels, at least for me anyway and they definitely make you look taller and your legs look nice! I haven't gotten the chance to wear these that often quite yet but I can't wait to! These are by Merona and they're from Target. 
Oxfords have quickly become one of my favorite shoes. I got this pair last fall and I love them. It's kind of hard to find an outfit that goes well with oxfords but they're good with jeans or skirts I think. I'm always looking for different oxfords as this is my only pair. They're made my Xhilaration and I got these from Target as well! 
I've had this pair of ankle boots for quite some time but they have yet to let me down! I also have another pair in a darker shade of gray. That pair has more of a water-proof feel to it, I'm not really sure how to describe it to you! I really like these little ankle boots and they go well with skinny jeans! They're by Maurice's. 
These have probably been my most worn flat. They're by Soda and I got them also from Target. (If you haven't been able to tell, I shop there a lot). I really like this type of shoe as it's super comfy! 
These were super popular one spring two years ago but I still really like them! They're a floral print and at first I wasn't sure what I could wear with them so I usually opt for plain shirts with a necklace. They're by Mossimo also from Target

These are also by Mossimo from Target. I really like these because they're comfortable and easy to wear with anything. 

These look really well worn don't they. That's because they are. Being my first pair of Mossimo shoes from Target, I wear these a lot. They go with anything and remain my favorite to this day. I haven't been able to find another blue pair like them which is really sad but oh well! Also if you're looking for shoe inspiration I hope this post might have given you some yourself! 
What shoes are your favorite? Leave me a comment/email/tweet and let me know! 

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  1. Hello, I love all of them!!!!! I need to buy a pair of Oxfords, yours are so pretty :) xx

    1. You should get some some! They're amazing! And actually really comfortable too! xx :)

    2. Yay! Then I'll buy a pair when I have some money :)

    3. yes! you won't regret it! :) You'll have to show me what yours look like when you get them! :) x

    4. Yes I will!!! I'll try to get a pair this summer :)


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