Feed My Starving Children

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"Someone out there, is happier with less than what you have."

This past weekend, my family and I decided to help out with Feed My Starving Children. 
If you haven't heard about it before, Feed My Starving Children is an organization where volunteers come in and package food to be delivered to children and families in countries that are struggling to feed their children. 
  It's a really good opportunity to give back to those in need. This was the second year we have done it. 
  Last year, we volunteered later in the day, this year we switched it up by signing up for an earlier shift. The event was held in an airplane hanger, with tons of volunteers. 

The day was a bit dreary as we arrived, I had plugged in my earphones and was listening to a calm ocean sound, imagining myself on a beach somewhere as I was feeling a little anxious. I think I may have dozed off on the car journey over, oops!

The first thing we did when we got there was put on our hair nets,sign in and sit for a short orientation and welcome. I tried to take a few pictures, but it's a little difficult to do on the fly! The main people, talk about the importance of what the volunteers are about to do. It's nice to feel important!

After the short orientation, we're shown how the packaging works. The volunteers (that's us) get a station. In each station, each person has a job. There are three ingredients, soy, vitamins and potatoes that are scooped up, put through a funnel and into a bag to be weighed and sealed. Each station also makes up their own cheer, some go full out and others kind of just mumble along with the crowd. 
This process is actually not very difficult, and it goes quick. 
(the potatoes are on the left and the soy and vitamins are on the right side!)

They mix these ingredients with water when they get to their countries and feed the children. It's meant to feed children that are younger than a year or two. 

This was and is a really good opportunity for those to get involved in their communities and meet other volunteers as well! There were a few people in my group that I didn't know. 
We only volunteered for 2 hours, but the two hours went by fast. At the end, the people running the event offer a chance to taste the stuff we made for the children. It's a potato consistency with not very much taste. I guess if you're starving you wouldn't really be thinking about what it tastes like! 
You can also purchase things that people from the different countries have made and sent along. As we walked out we grabbed a cookie. To avoid being trampled by the herd of people I waited outside for my family to be reunited with me and venture out on the rest of our day. In the end, it's really nice to know that you've helped someone's life become better by doing something that seems so small. 

How do you give back to your community and the world? 

See you next time! 

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