Walks Along the River

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The Summer has officially begun! 

To make the most out of my Summer, I've been going for walks with Sadie. Lucky for me, my dad lives near the river and I love it. I try to pick the best time to go when it's not too hot for Sadie, since we don't want any burnt dog paws! 

The views are so gorgeous! I've always lived in this part of town, down the street but I haven't really gotten to have a good walk along the path. 
The mosquitoes are ridiculous at this time of year, so I also have to choose to go right after dinner as opposed to waiting a few hours because they'll be ready to use me as a meal. 
No thank you. 
Sadie really enjoys it, see that smile?

What bothers me though, is that on the trail there is one tree that is surrounded by broken glass. I'm not really sure who I'm supposed to talk to about that. But I do make sure Sadie doesn't go near it. If you feel the need to break something, how about doing it in your driveway or at a shooting range perhaps? Other than that, it's a perfect trail and I really love walking it. I'm also glad I have such an enthusiastic walking partner! It's also nice to see other pets with their owners walking about. Nobody shared our path in the Winter, but Sadie and I don't mind sharing ;) 

It's so pretty I really can't get over it!
While we walk I always look  at the houses across the street. Sometimes I make up stories about the people who might live in them. Kind of like the Sims but in real life. Is that weird? 
The sunsets are amazing over the water, and the sky is always a pretty shade of blue! I still can't believe all of this was hidden by a big heavy blanket of snow only a few months ago! 
This just proves that you don't always have to travel far to see something really nice! 
I do hope you all are enjoying your Summer off, or if It's winter for you then I hope you're enjoying Winter too! I hope you put down your phone, shut your laptop and get outside!!!
Even if it's for an hour, go do it! 

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