Autumn Stroll

2:00:00 PM

I know this post might seem a bit late into the season already, but hey I've been busy! 
I love this time of year. The weather usually isn't too hot and it isn't too cold! I can bring out my comfy sweatshirts and big scarves. 
The leaves look so pretty with their orange, red and yellow colors. 
This being said, I decided that I needed a break from taking almost twenty pages of notes and I had to get out of the house. 
I hadn't gotten to use my nice camera in awhile and this was the perfect opportunity! 
I got into my car, and headed off to a spot where I have gone to twice since Sadie passed.
It's peaceful there and I've always liked being by the water. 

I hope you don't mind that this post is a little more picture-esque! I'm really happy with how these all turned out! 
I didn't take too many as I thought the trail I was on, was a bit longer than it actually was. I didn't mind spending time wandering around a bit though. 
Being out and taking the sights in was really stress-relieving and felt really good. 
Though walking about by myself made me kind of lonely, and part of me wanted to invite someone along but the other part of me enjoyed my little alone time. 

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I'm thinking about doing christmas cards this year and maybe opening a PO box, so if you think it'd be fun to exchange cards let me know! I love hearing from you!

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  1. SO GORGEOUS! I'm so jealous that you live in such a place, especially one with actual SEASONS.
    Looks like a really relaxing walk :) Wish I could just pop on over there!
    Also, Christmas cards. Yes please.

    1. Thanks haha Winter is the worst though!! Yes please come! :)

  2. I loved this post! There pictures are stunning, I wish I could go for walks somewhere as nice as this and still local! I love this time of year as well, its probably my favourite, the suns still out but its not too cold! :) As for sending Christmas cards or trinkets or something, yes please, thats such a cute idea! :) x

  3. Those pictures are so beautiful!!! Love that place, someone fly me there pleaseee! I wish I had a place like that to go to :) And yes autumn is awesome, but I love winter too because autumn here is not that cold to be honest and I want to wear my sweaters and scarves and boots hahah
    And yes omg I'd love to echange cards!! It's a great idea :3
    Anna x

  4. What a beautiful view, and such great pictures!! You'll be sending me a Christmas card, right? ;) x

  5. I love taking nature pictures, especially in the Autumn when the world is so colourful! Lovely pics x


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