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 This video popped up in my newsfeed on Facebook the other day. 
It made me think. 
Though this thought hasn't crossed my mind it made me consider it longer. 
The video I'm talking about is "Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?" by Prince Ea. 
It was posted on Youtube on September 29th, so it's new and you may or may not have seen it yet. 
It hits the nail on the head, social media is so...unsocial.
Friends go out to meals and check their phones every two seconds. You're friends are sitting right in front of you, who are you waiting to hear from? 
That band you get twitter updates from, is that so much more important than enjoying a moment? 
If you don't know about the video I'm talking about, it's this one

After watching the video it does make you think. At least, that's the point of it. Have you ever gone out with friends and all they're doing is updating twitter, and instagram and snap-chatting the fact that you're all together? 
It's nice. Let me tell you.
To just put the phone down, close the computer and go outside. Just alone, with or without someone. Just have a heart to heart talk, or enjoy the sunshine.
Because you will never be this age again. 
Today is not the same as yesterday and it will not be the same as tomorrow.
So why don't you just log off for a moment? 
This video was well worth a watch. There are so many people, at least that I see that don't know how to communicate and don't know what to do when they have to turn their phone off or even when it breaks that they just freak out and have a panic about it. Whoever is texting you is still going to be there. People don't like talking on the phone (like me) because it's so much easier to text (and you don't get that awkward pause if you're doing something while they're talking). 
Let's all try something. Put the phone down and close the laptop just...
Go outside! It's really fun out there!
Trust me. 
Even for hour or two!

What did you think about the video? 
Let me know in the comments! 
See you next time! 

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  1. This video was so worth watching!! And yes we all should try to do more things outside and forget about our phones and laptops for a while, I do need to and sometimes I close my phone and laptop and do something else that I like :)

    Also I nominated you for a liebster award on my blog :)

    Anna xx

    1. Exactly!
      Ah Thank you! I will definitely put that on my list of things to do! :) xx

  2. Very good points made. I remember, years a go, going out to a café with a friend who kept checking her phone. She was texting someone else when out to coffee with us, it was so annoying. This was years ago, when texting was only a new thing...and I didn't even know how to do it on my phone! It was so incredibly rude!

    1. That would be really annoying I agree! I love when I meet my friend and she puts her phone upside down so she can't see the screen it actually makes me feel really nice! even though that's cheesy! Thanks for checking out my post! :) x


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