An afternoon in Savannah

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The last of my vacation posts has sadly arrived. You may have read multiple posts about my travels in the southern United States in Charleston, South Carolina, Asheville, North Carolina and now we're going to talk about Savannah Georgia. One of the warmest cities I have been to, I thought it would be perfect to write about and remember on a cold December day. So here we are. 

Savannah, Georgia is not a far drive from Charleston, South Carolina and wanting to add another state to my growing list of places I've been, my family set off on an afternoon trip to the historic city. If you ever have a few hours to spare in the afternoon while in Savannah, then I would highly recommend reading the rest of this list!

1Chippewa Square. While Forrest Gump's bench might not be there (they took it down after the movie had finished filming), it's definitely a must see. Life is Like a box of chocolates ya know? 

Forrest Gump

2. SoHo South Cafe. the food is amazing. I kid you not. Even if you just want to pop in for a drink, you can do that too!. 

3. Wormsloe Plantation. While we didn't go riding down the longest drive way in the states, the trees and views are definitely worth the 20 minute drive from the city. 


4. City Market. A great place if you're looking to do some shopping! Definitely stop in to one of the candy stores, as you get tossed a piece of taffy for just walking in! 

5. Walk the cobblestones down by the river. Escaping from the heat between the buildings, wandering down to the riverside to see more historic buildings, and watch the huge cargo ships pull in. It's pretty cool! 

6. Cemeteries. There are historical figures buried in Savannah if you're a history-loving type. 

There are plenty of tours you can take while you're visiting Savannah as well. All of the stops are in good walking distance from each other, if you're looking to get more information about certain homes, people etc, then definitely book a tour. I really enjoyed my time in Savannah and am so glad the weather was extremely nice for us! 
I hope this warmed you up, if you're somewhere cold! 
Here I am wishing it were summer again! 

What are some of your favorite places to go? 
I hope you're having a great day! 

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  1. Gorgeous photos! Savannah looks like so much fun! xx

  2. Savannah looks like a great place to visit. I'd love to go to the plantation and the city market :)

    1. It was so beautiful and lovely! :) Thanks for reading x

  3. Just got back from two weeks in Savannah. It was a great town. If you ever go back, check out The Coffee Fox and their Horchata Latte. Well worth it. Also, if you have the time, a quick drive out to Tybee Island is a great drive to a fun little coastal town.

    1. I have heard really good things about Tybee Island! I will for sure check those places out next time I am there! Thanks for commenting! xx

  4. I'd love to visit Savannah one day. It looks like a cute place!


    Tamara -

    1. You really should! It was a great city to visit! :) xx


Thanks for commenting! I really appreciate and can't wait to hear from you again!