Study Abroad Series; Pre-Travel Checklist

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I'm the kind of person who has to triple check things before I even walk out of my room. There are only 40 days until I depart for England, and there is a long checklist to get through before I actually leave my house and board the plane. I also worry a lot about whether or not I have locked the door, or left anything behind! It's stressful. 
SimpliSafe home security has a ton of great tips for keeping the home safe while traveling. Their wireless security system was designed with the traveler in mind and is perfect for busy, individuals. After seeing their pre-travel checklist around the house, I wanted to share it with you, along with some of my own tips for leaving before traveling!

Tip: Put sticky notes where you'll see them. I make a list of bathroom products that I need to bring with me onto a little sticky note and tape it to the mirror so I can double check that I have everything I need. 
     What's on that sticky note list? 
Though you can buy a lot of things when you get to wherever you are going, it is still better to cut panic and make sure you have everything in the first place!
Packing for a trip is another story (I haven't even gotten my head around the fact that I have to pack for four months.) 
Tip: Research where you're going. The weather can be the biggest "if" factor in packing stresses. If you're going somewhere where the weather is warm, then pack in those summer dresses and shorts. But also bring a light jean jacket, because the nights can be typically cool. 

Making sure everything is in my backpack that I need while travelling on my own, is definitely going to be my biggest worry while I'm over in England. 
Tip: Pack the backpack the night before. In the morning, you can always check again, but if you pack in a rush, chances that you missed something are pretty high. 

While I make sure i have everything I need (and probably more than I'll need), before we leave the house, there is still a checklist to get through before locking up. SimpliSafe Security sent me their list of things to do to reduce travel stresses and eliminate worrying about my home while away. 
A lot of things can go wrong, but by going through the checklist below, it can all be reduced and you can fully relax on that hiking trip or soaking in the sun on the beach. 

Tip: If you're gone more than a week, have a neighbor or friend mow your lawn for you! 
Tip: There is a smartphone app that lets you watch your house while you're away, and will email you if there is movement! You have to have an ipod, or other device with a camera in order for that to work

While getting your home ready for your absence inside and out, it is also important to use the community around you. 
SimpliSafe has this list of things to do before you leave as well. Luckily, I live near some pretty great neighbors and they watch our house for riffraff while we're gone away. 

Tip: If you don't live near great neighbors, or you're new to town, ask a relative that lives nearby to come and check on your house!

I hope you found these lists and tips helpful! I have really enjoyed writing this series, and hope you enjoyed reading it. 
What kind of lists do you make before you leave for holidays? What is the longest you have been away from home? 

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