Study Abroad Series: Money

8:30:00 AM

Let's talk money. 
If you're thinking about going abroad to study, make sure you look at all of your options. 
And then you have to look at your bank account.

Money Down Under

Because, let's face it, studying abroad is expensive.
My program runs at about thirteen-thousand USD, and that's without the extra traveling that I've paid for and am still going to be paying for.


So here are a few tips on saving up that extra cash!

1. Work. A L O T. If you don't "feel" like getting out of bed and clocking in, then just know that the money you're giving up would probably pay for that trip to a magical destination in a far off land.
Werk Gif

2. Half & Half. Put half of your paycheck into a savings account, and keep half of it for spending it on life pre-study abroad.


3. Raise money. Sell cookies to your neighbors, start mowing peoples lawns. They'll all love you for it, and you'll thank them while sipping on a latte outside of a cafe somewhere in Paris.
Cookie Monster
Now I'm craving cookies!! 

4. Apply for Aid. Most schools have scholarships that you can apply for that will give you a nice little chunk of money in your pocket when you need it!

5. Cut down on spending. Know how much you spend each week, while you're at home or at uni and pay attention to what you're spending on. Share rides with friends, you don't need to buy that clothing item because there will probably be one even better overseas (and you can say where it's from once you're back!)


This list is pretty short, I worked a lot this past summer, and will until I leave. It also helps that I do not like spending money. It actually hurt to spend money on a trip to Ireland, but it will be all worth it in the end!
How do you raise money? Any tips and tricks that I missed?
Which countries should I visit while I'm over there?

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  1. I spent one academic year studying at Trinity College in Dublin. The scholarship was just little money that only covered a few expenses so I had to spend a lot of my own money...
    Apart from earning money before you leave, you can also earn it while you are there. For instance, I taught Spanish to Irish kids. Some Universities also look for foreign students to be language assistants so it's another way to earn a bit of money.

    1. How fun! I never thought of that! What a great experience, thank you for sharing :) x


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