Study Abroad: 5 Worries

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You've recently read THIS post, and with the days getting closer and closer to my flight across the pond, I'm getting really excited, having already written my GOALS post, I thought I would also write up my worries post. Because after all, I am flying across the Atlantic Ocean, to a country I have never been to before, with people I hardly know at all. 
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1. What Ifs? I could make this list an entire page of the inevitable "what ifs". Like what flight is cancelled? What if..I get stranded somewhere? What if...I get attacked? I mean, you can't live your life in fear, but
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2. Homesickness. I love coming home every other weekend from my university that is only an hour and a half car ride to my town. I'm definitely worried that this might have a damper on the whole trip. But it's also part of the experience. So hopefully, we'll all just save our tears for the pillow. (dancemoms reference anyone?) 

3.Packing. People have been studying abroad for years! But how do they pack for going away for 4 months? How do you plan? Why are there luggage weight limits though? I'm definitely going to have to prioritize which clothes I need to bring. 
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4. Organzation. I am terrified that I will lose something/ leave it somewhere and will never be reunited with it ever again. This actually is a worry that I have while I'm still here. I constantly lose my school ID. *sigh*
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5. Getting Lost. Hello I don't need to reenact the Taken movies. Thanks. As long as I'm in a group of people, I should be fine right??
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Yes I know some of these might be silly, They definitely are. Maybe I'll even bump into some bloggers while I'm over there. I am so excited to finally be getting ready to study abroad in England!

What would you worry about if you were going to live overseas? What would you do to combat it?
Make sure to let me know in the comments! 

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  1. These are not silly! Honestly, if it were me I'd worry about these and 1000 things more hahah but everything will be okay and you will have fun and aaah it's gonna be great!
    Anna x |

    1. Haha, I am so excited! Thanks for reading :) xx


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